January batch special offer

If you order the 3 latest release (eg0_cd12, eg0_cd13, eg0_cd14) at once you’ll pay 12 euros (excluding postage) instead of 14, which means getting Tzii’s business-card cd-r release for free!

january 2011 batch

Alternatively, if you are not interested in these albums, if you order 2 full-length cd-r (or more) you’ll get 1 free business-card cd-r release :
[Eg0_CD06] (Denis Mc Carty)
or [Eg0_CD09] (Ayato)
or [Eg0_CD13] (Tzii)

This will work until january 31 of 2011
Please write to tgbts0 (at) gmail.com if you are interested, and we’ll let you know the postage cost according to your residence

3 responses to “January batch special offer

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