Call for a collaborative soundwork from Mescalibur

Our friend Mescalibur he (has released a live album in collaboration with tgbts) is looking for contributors to a new project “a night in the bush of mouths“, using 10 improvisations he recently recorded with sampler.

Firstly, you can download a zip of the the 10 files here :

Rules :

– chose 1 piece out the 10

– record some sound over it, and send only 1 stereo track (but this file can be the result of mixing several tracks) to Mescalibur, who will mix your track with his piece (Don’t send your recordings mixed with Mescalibur’s pieces, just what you’ve recorded!)

– the track you send must be carefully synchronized with the Mescalibur file

– tracks must be in 16 bits 44100hz wav format

Until now, only tracks 1, 5 & 6 have been reserved (by Ayato, Kecap Tuyul & Kortane Cortex) For more details please write to Mescalibur himself, eg0cide is only spreading the word!

Listen, chose a track and if you are interested write to : philippe (at)

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