[Eg0_183] Stillborn Blues : III (reissue)

Stillborn Blues3rd album features tracks recorded between 2008 and 2010 and was firstly released 8 years ago as an edition of 15 cd-r. 2 or 3 have been sold to some bad-advised speculators turned on by the “limited edition” words , 4 or 5 have been traded with other weirdos or given to polite friends, the rest of them were damaged in some various domestic accidents. One of the few readable ones was ripped to create this digital version.
This album has the same old typical Stillborn Blues style : plaintive melancholy, detuned guitars, lo-fi recording, awkward playing muffled by the abuse of reverb and delay – all the ingredients for a low-profile soundtrack for lazy dreamers and restless losers in need of a pretext for spending the day watching the ceiling. Now that the music is on you can close the curtains and go back in your bed.


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[Eg0_182] Unattributed : 0323EE

After years of sparse and mostly indirect contacts, we are glad to welcome Unattributed, a solo project of George de Bruin, who is completely at home on eg0cide productions as an experimental musician and netlabel activist (George curates the Cerebral Audio netlabel, which specialized in experimental electronic music). The Unattributed project is based on the concepts of transformation and generative music, using manipulated images that are processed using an ANS synthesizer emulation.

023EE was recorded during the same session as the 07E2DA release. This track steps deeper into exploring multi-layered noise constructs that are at once shifting and changing, and always on the edge of breaking apart in a digital bit-melting breakdown.
This work is created by using image transformation. The image is run through a series of filters to produce an image that is at once representative of the original, yet bears out structures and elements of the image that are not easily seen within it. The image is transformed into sound using a photoelectric synthesizer based on the concepts of the ANS synthesizer.
The sound from the ANS synthesizer are manipulated through equalization, filters and envelopes to shape and form the pure noise signal into a sonic sculpture that interprets the image in a new dimension.

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[Eg0_181] JKP : Contemplation sur la mort avec Pieter

French sound activist JKP (who used to run the antisocial netlabel) comes back on eg0cide with a new conceptual audiovisual work based on the Pieter Bruegel painting “The Triumph of Death”. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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  • Avi video file (this release is a video and has no audio files)
    Youtube link provided as temporary stream version due to a temporary problem on archive.org

Beautiful painting from Pieter Bruegel the Elder : The Triumph of Death (Commons Wikimedia) : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Thetriumphofdeath.jpg
Wonderful samples from Cunningar0807 : Scary Horror Strings.mp3 (Freesound Project) https://freesound.org/people/Cunningar0807/sounds/403668/

PureData patch of the recording video : https://github.com/j-k-p/Contemplation-sur-la-mort-avec-Pieter

Check JKP’s site for lots of creative commons / open source stuff (not only music but various resources & creations….)

[Eg0_179] Failure Circle : A mistake within a mistake

While Failure Circle‘s 1st album 0x0.0 was full of overdubs, the 2nd one “A mistake within a mistake” consist of 3 raw improvisations recorded in Kecap Tuyul’s home studio during winter 2017-2018. It shows another side of this no-input-mixer project: more focused, less frantic, and even minimalist and droney sometimes.

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[Eg0_178] M.A.K.T. Sono : If you were a clarinet

M.A.K.T. Sono – Magali Albespy and Kecap Tuyul – was created in february 2018 from a common taste for improvisation forms that rely more on indetermination and surprise than on the mastering of instrumental skills. They both use electronic tools whose complex settings can generate unexpected sound events and unstable situations. Their first album “If you were a clarinet” consists of 3 selections of slightly edited improvisations recorded in february and march 2018. These improvisation sessions were an opportunity for them to set up their working methodologies and to experiment playful and meditative dialogs between gesture & sound, activity and inactivity, machines and living creatures.

Magali Albespy is a dancer and performer. She likes to question the borders between formats and artistic disciplines. She explores real-time composition with body, video and sound.
Self-taught improviser Kecap Tuyul uses various (and preferably unstable) tools, looking for ways of playing and interacting (with sounds, with other media, with other people) and questionning the traditional ideas of instrumental mastership and composition.

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Magali Albespy : moog mother 32, soundbox
Kecap Tuyul: no-input mixer, effects, mix and artwork


[Eg0_177] Kecap Tuyul: la soufflette du squelette

Almost 3 years after the release of his previous album Trois Clous, Kecap Tuyul unleashes some more stuff dating from the same area (2015), developing an intensive use of voice as main sound source, filtered, deformed by effects and sometimes overwhelmed by feedback. Guitar was still here (on 2 of the 3 tracks  of the album), providing unstable melodic/droney backgrounds, but often swallowed by spirals of self-dissolving chaos.
Since then Kecap Tuyul has put guitar and voice aside and now mostly uses no-input mixer, in collaboration with various people, and alone under the Failure Circle moniker, focusing on chaos itself, searching for unstable situations, but welcoming the possible emergence of  seemingly self-organized sonic forms.

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Track 1 : improvisation with voice & effects improvisation, overdubbed on the fly with another voice track.
Track 1 & 2 : improvisations with voice, prepared guitar, effects – no edits, no overdubs.
Mixed by Kecap Tuyul january-september 2015
Final mix by Sobria Ebrietas, september 2015
99% of us is noise