[Eg0_174 / SDT01] Solo – Duo – Trio #01 : Failure Circle / Godjira / Ugut (co-release Apocope / Eg0cide)

Eg0cide Productions teams up with another french label, Apocope, to organize live concerts folowing a simple format: three parts, one solo, one duo, one trio. Artists are invited to present new projects, and to try to new encounters (for one live set or more). Each concert is recorded, and then made available for free download. This project aims to present a panorama ofthe  vivid & diverse french the experimental scene at a given time. All these recordings will be co-released by eg0cide and Apocope’s digital section.

Egocide Production s’associe au label Apocope (fondé par Paul-André Landes et Xavier Mussat) pour développer un projet initié par Xavier Mussat : organiser des soirées concerts selon un format simple : trois parties, un solo, un duo, un trio. Les artistes sont invités à tester des projets inédits, à tenter des rencontres le temps d’un live (et plus si affinité). Chaque concert est enregistré en prise de son directe et nous vous en offrons un accès gratuit.  Ce projet a pour ambition de dessiner un panorama de la scène expérimentale improvisée à un instant T, sa vivacité et sa grande diversité. Tous ces enregistrements seront co-publiés par eg0cide et la section numérique d’Apocope, qui par ailleurs édite livres et cds.

The first event of this serie took place at La Pointe Lafayette on february 17 of 2018.
It featured :

  • Failure Circle (a solo project of Kecap Tuyul aka eg0cide S.A.) : this was his first solo show, using a no-input mixer and effects, creating unstable sound situations that can turn to silence, ears-plitting feedback, irregular beats, deep drones…
  • Godjira : Frederick Galiay (bass) & Benjamin Pagier (bass) . Two basses plugged in the same monolithic totem-amplifier.
  • Ugut : Augustin Bette (drums), Xavier Mussat (guitar), Basile Naudet (saxophone) : this was their first show, mixing radical free improv with experimental noise-rock infused guitar

Recorded by JJGfree & Benjamin Pagier
Mixed and mastered by Benjamin Pagier
Artwork by Xavier Mussat
Special Thanks to Michèle / Doxa Esta
The next event of this serie should take place in may 2018, it will be announced here (live events section) and on our facebook page and so on.

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Some pictures of the show, taken by JJGfree
failure circle

[Eg0_173] Onde Poussière: Imperceptible

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Band info

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[Eg0_171] Jukipic

Jukpic is a duet of Benoît Rouits (Oboe) and Kecap Tuyul (no-input mixer with effects). They started to improvise regularly together in summer 2017. This is their first album, made of four unstable cocktails: it’s spicy & fruity – to be served very fresh.


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NB: Jukipic also publishes some tracks sometimes on their soundcloud page


[Eg0_170] The perfect failure (?) vol. 5 : Le cadavre du chat noir

Le cadavre du chat noir is the 5th volume of the perfect failure (?) / l’échec parfait (?)

featuring Antropik, Ayato, Benoît RouitsCharles premier, DeltanikDelikbeyin, Doc Demagol, Doedelzak, Extrasystole, Half EvidenceHerr DJ Deppenhorst, Janne Nummela, Jeremy from Boise, Natalia Kamia, psph.S, roger mpr, Siu, Slo-blo, Torbill, Sysma, Kecap Tuyul , XtetX Ensemble, Yoshwaku, 3HNT– and some anonymous contributions

We still think this stuff is not bad enough. We have to make something worse, so your contributions are still welcome for next volumes. Don’t be shy and send us your most disastrous sounds.

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[Eg0_169] Onde Poussière: Vague seconde

Vague Seconde, the second album of Onde Poussière, documents the group’s evolution since their beginnings and their first album Silent Rain. Doedelzak now plays interconnected analog synthesiszers, and Kecap Tuyul has dropped the guitar and uses a “no-input mixer” with effects. Their improvisations are based on the creation of unstable situations in which some accidental sounds might happen at any time…

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[Eg0_168] Stillborn Blues : Prétextes


Our old collaborator Stillborn Blues emailed this morning about a 5 years old release project that had been programmed / delayed / canceled many times. It is now available.
If someone wants further pseudo-explanations, here they are (awkwardly translated from poor french to shitty english):


I’m sorry I haven’t written for so long…but after all you haven’t either. I somehow thought you were over with all this shit. And as one of our old friends told us, it’s always too early or too late for worrying.
I’ll understand if you ignore me or tell me to go fuck myself, considering I’ve already changed my mind several times about this release project since 2012 (2011??). But now I’m positively OK to publish “Prétextes” if you’re still into it. I dare to ask since it seems eg0cide is back at work, and more and more shifting its focus towards “failure” – or maybe it is just a return to its roots, old lo-fi (absence of) style and “who cares” mood?
Anyway I won’t change anything anymore to the mixes and playlist. Why bothering tweaking something that’s weak/rotten/failed to the core? It’s just another “imperfect failure”.
I have no descriptions idea for this album, you can use (bits of) this message if you want.


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