Concerts en janvier 2016

Plusieurs musiciens publiés (ou en voie de l’être) par eg0cide participeront prochainement à des concerts organisés par l’association XtetX

Le samedi 9 janvier au Parvis de Bagnolet ( (27 Rue Adélaïde Lahaye / 93170 Bagnolet / M° Gallieni) : A Volta Niente (Marco Caccialupi & Philippe Desclais / Moments for Nothing / Ujjaya/ Charles premier – Philippe Desclais – Kecap Tuyul

Ce sera l’occasion de fêter la sortie de l’album “des ailes dans le plomb”, collaboration des groupes Half Evidence (Charles premier et Kecap Tuyul) et Now Cut (Stéphanie Briand et Philippe Desclais) enregistrée en novembre 2014.

Le mardi 12 janvier au Milord ((78 Boulevard de Belleville, 75020 Paris – Metro Couronnes) : Torbill / Onde Poussière / Mèv’ / Chaos Crevette

A cette occasion, Onde Poussière (qui vient de sortir son 1er album “Silent Rain” sur eg0cide) proposera une collaboration inédite avec Vincent Guiot alias Mèv’, dont nous aimerions publier un album en 2016…



Call for a collaborative soundwork from Mescalibur

Our friend Mescalibur he (has released a live album in collaboration with tgbts) is looking for contributors to a new project “a night in the bush of mouths“, using 10 improvisations he recently recorded with sampler.

Firstly, you can download a zip of the the 10 files here :

Rules :

– chose 1 piece out the 10

– record some sound over it, and send only 1 stereo track (but this file can be the result of mixing several tracks) to Mescalibur, who will mix your track with his piece (Don’t send your recordings mixed with Mescalibur’s pieces, just what you’ve recorded!)

– the track you send must be carefully synchronized with the Mescalibur file

– tracks must be in 16 bits 44100hz wav format

Until now, only tracks 1, 5 & 6 have been reserved (by Ayato, Kecap Tuyul & Kortane Cortex) For more details please write to Mescalibur himself, eg0cide is only spreading the word!

Listen, chose a track and if you are interested write to : philippe (at)

Coming next : Elektranuss Quartett

The eg0cide staff has recently been involved in the creation of a new free improvisation band during a summer workshop organized by Matt Tyas : Elektranuss Quartett

Here are 2 videos of some of the first jams :

…and the first public performance, featuring voice & texts by Margueras Durite et Lang Sangènne

One album should be released in september on eg0cide

new mail adress : tgbts0 at


It seems that my emails on french provider has many problems. Some messages I send from them never reach their recipients in some countries : Russia, Mongolia, Poland, Netherlands….And I sometimes don’t receive messages sent from these countries.

So from now I’m using a gmail adress, for eg0cide and tgbts related stuff.

tgbts0 at

Founder of the Eg0cide Productions label, The Ghost Between The Strings has now his own page : (still under construction), clearly distinct of the Eg0cide page to avoid confusions (all the non-eg0cide TGBTS-related stuff will be posted only on

Please update your bookmarks, thanks!

January batch special offer

If you order the 3 latest release (eg0_cd12, eg0_cd13, eg0_cd14) at once you’ll pay 12 euros (excluding postage) instead of 14, which means getting Tzii’s business-card cd-r release for free!

january 2011 batch

Alternatively, if you are not interested in these albums, if you order 2 full-length cd-r (or more) you’ll get 1 free business-card cd-r release :
[Eg0_CD06] (Denis Mc Carty)
or [Eg0_CD09] (Ayato)
or [Eg0_CD13] (Tzii)

This will work until january 31 of 2011
Please write to tgbts0 (at) if you are interested, and we’ll let you know the postage cost according to your residence