Concerts mars-avril 2016

Le samedi 26 mars 2016  : Sysma
A Ourcq Blanc (29 rue de l’Ourcq, 75019 Paris)

Sur invitation du collectif META dans le cadre de l’exposition F(((O)))RET (du 24 mars au 3 avril)
Avec entre autres les 2 membres d’Half Evidence : Charles premier et Kecap Tuyul,  en compagnie de Torbill et X_pharmaka (et peut-être d’une invitée supplémentaire)
Nous publierons leur 1er album en juin 2016, en voilà un extrait:


Le dimanche 3 avril 2016 : psph.S

(Gentil’Jardin, emplacement n° 20 (cf. plan) , 52 Avenue Raspail, 94250 GENTILLY)
Sur invitation du plasticien et musicien Jean-Yves Colliaux, dans le cadre de Zig-Zag (Portes ouvertes des ateliers d’artistes de Gentilly)
psph.S (Missing O et Kecap Tuyul) est un duo d’improvisation bruitiste dont nous publierons le 1er album le 1er mai 2016


Le dimanche 10 avril 2016: Doedelzak et psph.S

Un concert organisé par le collectif XtetX et accueilli par l’association Détail
Au sous-sol du Milord
78 Boulevard de Belleville
75020 Paris
Metro Couronnes
Prix : participation libre
programme complet (avec également ZoéZoé et Extrasystole)
XtetX#12 : ZoéZoé / Extrasystole / psph.S / Doedelzak


[Eg0_160] Geosmin with friends : Adrift In the Backland

Geosmin is an ambient/drone duo composed of Jules/Valentin (guitar etc) and Manuel Devier aka 3EHNT (bass), who are also members of the french XtetX Collective. Their half improvised music is mostly harmonious and dreamy. On Adrift in the Backland they are joined by two other members of the XtetX Collective : Doedelzak (synth) and Kecap Tuyul (prepared guitar etc), who regularily play in duo as Onde Poussière.
The 3 tracks of the album were recorded on a rainy afternoon of july 2015 in Kecap Tuyul’s home studio. They definitely have the Geosmin’s typical bittersweet mood and foggy sound, although the presence of the 2 guests add some more contrasted and experimental elements.

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All tracks are completely improvised and were recorded by Kecap Tuyul on july 26, 2015.
Jules/Valentin: guitar, effects, field recording
Manuel Devier : bass, effects
Doedelzak : synth
Kecap Tuyul : prepared guitar, objects, effects (except on track 1)
Mixed by Kecap Tuyul august 2015- march 2016

Photography by Manuel Devier
Layout by Geosmin

[Eg0_159] Janne Nummela : Level Crossing

Janne Nummela (b. 1973) is a Finnish experimental artist working in the intersection of the technology and creativity with process art attitude. He has released four albums of experimental multigenre music, five volumes of poetry and installed a number of visual art exhibitions.
Level Crossing is part of a larger composition process started early 2015. It uses multiple ingredients and is polymetric in rhytmical nature. It combines sounds from field recordings, speech, virtual analog synthesizers, MSP/Max programmed sythesizers, sampled instruments with various manipulations.
Most of the separate compositions are made by MSP/Max based composition tool, programmed by the composer himself. This tool is a kind of musical meta-instrument with just a few more parametric layers or dimensions than usual musical instruments. Input of the tool is any kind of extractable or hand/foot controlled data. Output is the MIDI data or controlling data for the synthesizers.
Despite the serialist nature of the composing (material production / improvisation) process, the realtime auditive feedback is important. So far this process is too unstable to be realized on live performances, thus it exists in laboratory environments only. Modern serialist methodology, mainly based on Stockhausens and Messiaens work, is used to introduce controlled but maximal musical diversity using up to date computer and studio technology.

Janne Nummela has studied music technology in Sibelius Academy Helsinki, and he has a Master of Science degree in Acoustics Engineering from Aalto University Helsinki.

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All compositions & music: Janne Nummela
Voice on #11 Montague Keen (by permission of Veronica Keen)
Artwork: Janne Nummela
Cover Design: Antti Kirjalainen
Special thanks: Timo Salo, Jorma Vakkuri, Nadezhda Nilova, Veronica Keen.

Concerts févriers 2016 avec Ayato, Kecap Tuyul, Onde Poussière…

En février, plusieurs concerts à signaler avec des habitués d’eg0cide : Ayato (avec Miroir Fumant) Kecap Tuyul (avec Sysma, psph.S et Onde Poussière)

19 février : Miroir Fumant / Page Noire / Sysma / °°CtZtctzt°° (XtetX#10, Espace des Arts Sans Frontières)

xtetx10 v3

XtetX#10 : Miroir Fumant / Page Noire / Sysma / °°CtZtctzt°° (19 février 2016)


20 février : Miroir Fumant / Zaraz Wam Zagram / Elsa Michaud /psph.S / Andrew Armstrong / Céline Perier et Laurent Di Biase (cmptrmtmtcs, Parvis de Bagnolet)


25 février : Sébastien Bouhana / Onde Poussière / Chaos Crevette / Deltanik / Friponnes de Porc (XtetX#11, Espace des Arts Sans Frontières)


XtetX#11 : Sébastien Bouhana / Onde Poussière / Chaos Crevette / Deltanik / Friponnes de Porc (25 février 2016)


[Eg0_158] 2Kutup & Delikbeyin : Susurrous EP

2Kutup (aka Pinar Akbay) and Delikbeyin (aka Ibrahim Bayram) are 2 experimental musicians from Turkey. In their split EP Susurrous they focus on deep and dark atmospheres. Ghostly drones, trembling winds, melancolic piano echoes and muffled slow beats – all these elements blend smoothly and form a perfect soundtrack for winter.

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Les chanceux Lillois pourront écouter Pinar en solo (pour son projet orienté electro) les 18 et 19 février


Pınar has been releasing under many aliases since 2009. She has released music under 2Kutup, Adviruz, Beyond Reclaim and Pınar (Pınar Akbay). She has released from several netlabels from Scotland, France and Italy. She first released on Scottish label Section27 as Adviruz in 2009. Her sound was dreamy IDM with vocals. She released her first ambient&drone album as 2Kutup from Spettro Records (Italy- She released “Hopes They Die” as Beyond Reclaim from Deep Lake Records in 2014. Her songs and remixes were included in compilation albums and Touched Music, as well. She also has a remix album as Pınar Akbay – “Spellbound Remixes”. Her songs were remixed by musicians from around the world. She keeps making music under Pınar, 2Kutup and Beyond Reclaim.

İbrahim has been working on Delikbeyin since 2006. He has worked on his music for a couple of years and then he released a split and an EP from Finland with a Finnish musician whose project is
called Nostromo 180286. One of the EPs were called “The Others” and the other one was called “Concluded”. The split was called “Reduced”. He worked with Terranean Recordings.





[Eg0_156] N. Fushigi : Invisible

One year after his debut album Terrorism , one-man band N. Fushigi is back on eg0cide with a second opus called Invisible. Once again an effective mixture of catchy industrial rock and dark ambiences served with an excellent sense of timing and arrangements. This could be the soundtrack of an experimental cyberpunk thriller, but doesn’t need any narrative plot to keep the listener’s attention.

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