About us

Eg0cide Productions is a non-profit netlabel, created in summer 2007 by eg0cide S.A., who also produces sound works under various monikers; among them The Ghost Between the Strings (2006-2013) and Kecap Tuyul (2008-…). Eg0cide releases various forms of experimental music including ambient-drone, experimental rock, free improvisation, noise, soundscapes and sound collages. For the past few years, the focus has naturally shifted towards free improvisation, noise and more conceptual works, considered not so much as well defined styles but rather as ways to generate idiosyncratic sounds and forms. Above all, we like to be surprised by inspired and unorthodox creations.
While we release mostly stuff from long-term contributors & collaborators, we sometimes work with new artists. If you are interested, please read our submission policy before sending something.
All our releases are shared free of charge, under Non-commercial Creative Commons License. However, if you are interested in using one of them in a commercial context please contact us and we’ll forward your request to the concerned artist(s) for possible arrangements / contracts, because the copyright of each release belongs to the artist, not to the label.

A more personnal notice : since the end of the 2000s, most of my sound works (live, recordings) are done under the name Kecap Tuyul, although I keep working on other projects, with undisclosed pseudonyms and/or  anonymously, following an “egocidal” logic. But NO, “I” am not the “author” of all the anonymous recordings that have been published on eg0cide productions.

The 9 first mp3 releases aren’t listed on this site, you can find them on our archive.org page (as well as the recent releases)

Our logo was created in 2011 by AestheseA  a multi-media design project founded in 2009, focusing on graphic-design, photography, fractal art, sound design, web-design (html, javascript, flash, css, ajax, php).

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