Ayato vs Ghosts : Stillborn Dub [Treetrunk Records / Eg0cide Productions]

When Ayato first listened to Stillborn Ghosts‘ double album “over & out” (released in 2009 by Svartgalgh) he immediately detected a dark dub potential in this weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial. So he asked to a member of the band – his friend & collaborator The Ghost Between The Strings – a copy of the original tracks of the album in order to do some remixes. In addition to 4 remixes, he composed new tracks using raw guitar recordings by the 2 members of the band (TGBTS & Stillborn Blues). The result can be considered as a completely new album : Stillborn Dub (and maybe even a new band, since the collaboration is going on…

The album is available as a free download from Treetrunk Records but you can also buy a CD-R version for 5 euros (excluding postage) from Eg0cide Productions. If interested, please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com to order a copy


Reviews :

Reviewer: Muzikal Mulch – – November 7, 2011
Subject: The birth of a new genre?
Not sure how I overlooked TGBTS until now- seeing that they have multiple releases– but I’m so very happy to find this recording.
It has a little bit of everything– (just like the description says) a “weird mixture of post-noise-rock, dark ambient and industrial”
Yes- it’s experimental… Yes- it can be very unsettling… chaotic and disastrous at times, and dark as midnight…
A great production that paints a picture of buildings collapsing into black oceans of churning restless water, crackling old radios hissing out dead songs, the sinister shadow creature just around the corner, and blue-grey TV static with its own wicked consciousness- you never know what will happen next- other than that it will leave you with a creepy feeling as though you’ve just somehow been sonically molested.
This release sets a new standard for the term “Dark Psychedelia”– and you should give it a listen. Thanks for making music of this caliber available for free.
Will definitely be checking out your other work!

Reviewer: dxt – – August 9, 2011
Subject: enjoyable release
… a great surprise for treetrunk catalogue, a complete album you can enjoy and lost to, a must-hear for this year!

Reviewer: Darby Mullins – – July 14, 2011
Subject: “The Stillborn Dub” stride on a time to drift back. .
The power of a style is, may be, to develop itself across all, taking a stream end make it stronger….What is the part of the shadow when light is scarce? How to render it more deeper? How play with discord to make appear harmonic lines ? Ayato & the Ghosts drew a highway rhythm, putting points of light all along, raising abstract and scary shapes, chime out a guitar chord…..The Stillborn Dub stride on a time to drift back.
La puissance d’un style est, peut-être, de pouvoir se développer dans n’importe lequel, prendre un flux et le rendre plus fort …. Quelle est la part d’ombre quand la lumière est rare? Comment la rendre plus profonde ? Comment jouer avec la discorde pour faire apparaître les lignes harmoniques?
Ayato & the Ghosts ont dessiné une autoroute-rythme, mettant des points de lumière tout le long, soulevant des formes abstraites et effrayantes, égrènent un accord de guitare …..The Stillborn Dub arpente un temps de dérive vers l’arrière.

[Eg0_CD14] Hunting Rituals : Wider Realm

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We are very glad to welcome the amazing Hunting Rituals on Eg0cide. “Wider Realm” was issued on tape by Cloud Valley 2 years ago and is out of print since a long time. It is now available on CD-R, remastered by the artist and with a new artwork by Eg0cide S.A. (with special thanks to Cédric for the special paper!)

Hunting Rituals is known for his crooked noisy ritual soundscapes with reeds, strings and obscure lo-fi sound manipulations. This album show the quieter side of his work, more ritual, almost meditative. Recommended to fans of early Voice of Eye or Zoviet France, and of course to Hunting Rituals fans (like us) who missed the cassette edition.

40 copies

Price : 5 euros excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0 (at) gmail.com

[Eg0_CD13] Tzii : Fuga ae f sol e (business card cd-r)

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For this 3rd business-card CD-R release, Eg0cide welcomes Tzii, a long-time experimental musician / filmaker, and founder of the Night On Earth label. Ethereal and spooky in the same time  his ambient piece “Fuga ae f sol e” reminds me early ambient industrial with its vintage synths and mysterious voice. Totally addictive!


50 copies

Price : 2 EUR excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0 (at) gmail.com

[Eg0_CD12] Ayato : Ion Trap / Radio Scrap (2x CD-R)

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Our friend Ayato presents us 2 sides of his works using radios. On Ion Trap, radio sounds are used as background soundscapes for guitar tracks that were recorded live in his homestudio (no overdubs, but using a looper),  atmospheric and melancolic melodies, with a “vintage vibe” and some more exeperimental moments with prepared guitar.

Radio Scrap comes as a more exeprimental bonus full-length CD-R, where radio sounds are harsher, more chaotic and proeminent, enhanced with TR606 and prepared tapes, dictaphones, and even balalaika and sanza on 1 track.

30 copies

Price : 7 euros excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0 (at) gmail.com

[Eg0_CD11] Abismo – Insomnia (CD-R)

Insomnia is a deeply melancolic dark ambient album by the one-man brazilian project Abismo. These 4 tracks will take you into the slow, hypnotic, sickness of sleepless nights.
The sound is a bit different than on Abismo’s earlier albums : quieter, more droney, sometimes almost peaceful, but always bleak and mysterious, like a ghostly walk across the shore of nothingness. A perfect soundtrack for dark meditations…


A Place for the suicide…In points of my self-destruction by Eg0cide

Music and logo by Outro
Artwork by Eg0cide S.A., with special thanks to Cédric for his help.

Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies
Comes in a special paper carboard cover

Price 5 euros : excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

Some actual photos of the album:

[Eg0_CD10] Mister Vapor & TGBTS – Esoteric Vapor

Esoteric Vapor is a new collaborative work of Thomas Park (signing here as Mister Vapor) with The Ghost Between The Strings. This time Thomas programmed tribal rhythm structures and atmospheric synth sequences, on which TGBTS later added guitars (sometimes prepared, sometimes with ebow). The result is a catchy blend of ethno-ambient, mysterious drones, post-rockish guitar riffs and experimental string abuses, sometimes warm and serene (Knowing The Spaces, Basalt Pillar), sometimes dark and gritty (Searching For Dark Cycles, Universal Wisdom), always hypnotic. Mister Vapor feat. TGBTS : A Basis For Everything by Eg0cide

6 tracks recorded summer 2009, mastered by Mister Vapor early 2010

Edition of 50 hand-numbered copies, in paper cover under plastic sheet
Price : 5 euros excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com   (tgbts0 with a zero, not tgbtso)

[Eg0_CD09] Ayato – Insurrection (business card CD-R)

New release on business card cdr by french composer/improviser/multi-instrumentist Ayato :
Insurrection is a 6 min track of rythmic ethno-ambient, made with only Balalaika and (filtered) acoustic percussions (darbuka and  kayamb).
THis is hypnotic and totally addictive music, recommended for fans of Muslimgauze, Rapoon, Badawi…
Artwork by Hogo

Ayato : Insurection by Eg0cide

Price : 2 EUR excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

[Eg0_CD08] Stillborn Blues – III

After 2 mp3 albums available as free mp3 downloads (He Had Nothing Left To Leave But Himself (2007) and The Same Old Failure (2008)) , Stillborn Blues gets his first CD-R release on eg0cide.
Using only guitars (often prepared and detuned), he creates fragile melancolic pieces, not ambient but mostly quiet and moody, with a few slabs of anger. Most of these tracks are based on improvisations and contain very few overdubs…
Special thanks to Cédric for his help

Comes on inkjet printed cdr in an oversized recatngular carboard cover
15 (not numbered)  copies have been made
Price : 5 eur excluding postage

To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

[Eg0_CD07] Luciftias & TGBTS – Symbiogenesis (CD-R)

Symbiogenesis is a collaborative split album. Each artist has used the other one’s sounds, to create new pieces of dense experimental ambient music. An interesting and organic blend of Luciftias’ abstract, dark soundscapes and The Ghost Between The Strings atmospheric guitar drones and noises…

Comes in 4 pages printed booklet in plastic sleeve

[ TGBTS feat. Luciftias – The Genesis of Contraries by Eg0cide
1. Luciftias – Hoping For The End I
2. Luciftias – The Contrary Of Genesis
3. TGBTS – The Genesis Of Contraries
4. TGBTS – Elude
(1) with sounds from TGBTS album “Hoping For The End Of Hope”
(2) with raw sounds from TGBTS
(3) with raw sounds from Luciftias
(4) with sounds from Luciftias track “Come Forth”
Mastering by Luciftias
Artwork by Luciftias & TGBTS

France : 6 EUR postpaid
European Union: 6,30 EUR postpaid
Rest of the world : 7 EUR postpaid
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

[Eg0_CD06] Denis Mc Carty – Ces Gens-là (Business card CD-R)

“Ces gens-là” is a continuation of Denis Mc Carty‘s net-released “1+1=3” serie, (experimental live mixes using only 1 vinyl EP, played with a special 2-headed turntable and foot looper)
On this new version* of Ces Gens-Là (a song of the famous 20th century belgian singer Jacques Brel) he uses also a tape loop, but as usual everything is recorded and mixed live. The result is a gorgeous piece based on of looped vinyl crackles and melancolic piano, Jacques’ disconstructed half-spoken & shouting vocals, bathed in a sea of analog saturation.
Denis Mc Carty is a member of the french experimental collective / label H.A.K

Denis Mc Carty : Ces Gens-là by Eg0cide

One track, 5min 50,  released on a busines-card CD-R
Artwork is a collage by Dr Svart

Price : 2 EUR excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

* This track is different from an earlier “ces gens-là” mix by Denis that can be heard on his virb page.