French DIYer / improviser / composer using guitars (often prepared), tapes, vinyls, etc…

Member of  TTWOSS, Crash Duo, and of the H.A.K. collective/label

Official site

Releases on eg0cide (by chronlogical order)

[Eg0_CD09] Insurrection (business-card CD-R)

[Eg0_CD12] Ion-Trap (double CD-R)

Ayato vs Ghosts : Stillborn Dub (CD-R / free download)

[Eg0_043] Crash Duo (Ayato + Anton Mobin) and Kecap Tuyul : greffes (free download)

[Eg0_054] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul : When we talk about love and happiness (free download)

[Eg0_060] Ayato Vs Stillborn Blues : Overlapping Horizons (free download)

[Eg0_064] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul : waiting for the shaman

[Eg0_082] Ayato vs Ghosts : Wasted shots

[Eg0_093] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul: Xylophonium Algosis

[Eg0_131] Ayato & Natalia Kamia : Cluster




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