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We produced a few CD-R releases between 2009 and 2011 but have realized that we weren’t that interested in producting objects and trying to sell tem, so we won’t do it again. These albums are out of print now, and haven’t been published in digital format yet. Since 2012, we stick again to the 100% free download formula. The only exceptions are for some close collaborators local artists that play in the live events that we organize (since these are the only occasions where a few people seem interested in buying records sometimes).
All these digital albums are released under a Creative Commons International License, the copyright remaining with the artists. It means you are allowed (and encouraged) to download and share them, as long as you respect the license chosen by each artist : some allow the re-use of their works as long as you credit them and share-alike, some don’t.
Our full catalog is hosted on the internet archive. (mp3 + flac for the most recent ones)
Recent albums and a selection from old ones are also featured on free music archive (mp3 only).

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