Camille Émaille

Camille Émaille, a percusionnist, studied at the Musik-Akademie of Basel (Switzerland) with Christian Dierstein on contemporary music and with Fred Frith on free improvisation. She works with many artists from varying fields, such as video, muppet theatre, shadow theater and plays in the musical projects Oxke Fixu (duo with clarinet), Ghoast (duo with american saxophonist Tom Weeks), ESCARGOT (her quintet with Timothée Quost on trumpet, Xavière Fertin on clarinet, Louis Frères on e-bass and Tom Malmendier on drums).

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Eg0cide releases :
[Eg0_187] Solo Duo Trio #2 : Laurent Di Biase / Sig Valax & ZARAZ WAM ZAGRAM / Camille Émaille, Nina Garcia & Arnaud Rivière (Live @ Les Instants Chavirés, 29 may 2018) – Co-release Apocope / eg0cide