Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia plays guitar with a minimal set up (1 guitar, 1 pedal, 1 amp) and focuses on the gesture and the sound research on the instrument : its resonances, limits, expansions, impurities, all the audibles parts of the guitar. She performs in solo as Mariachi, in the band Mamiedaragon(no lagos musique label), in duo with trombonist Maria Bertel, and in trio with Qonicho B ! (Blanche Lafuente, Morgane Carnet).

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Eg0cide releases :
[Eg0_187] Solo Duo Trio #2 : Laurent Di Biase / Sig Valax & ZARAZ WAM ZAGRAM / Camille Émaille, Nina Garcia & Arnaud Rivière (Live @ Les Instants Chavirés, 29 may 2018) – Co-release Apocope / eg0cide