Stillborn Ghosts

Collaboratibe project of the 3 original members of eg0cide productions : eg0cide S.A. (co-funder of the label, currently maintaining it), the ghost between the strings (co-funder of the label, now retired) and Stillborn Blues. They have also collaborated with Ayato.
Apart from a global focus on egocidian darkness and deconstruction, their works never followed a distinct stylistic direction, but mixed anarchically elements from old school industrial, free noise rock, dark ambient, free improvisation, lo-fi sad folk – and even dub when joined by Ayato.

Eg0cide releases :

[Eg0_005] Stillborn Ghosts : Carrion Anarchoir (2007)

[Eg0_013] Stillborn Ghosts : Nihilens (2009)

[Eg0_082] Ayato vs Ghosts : Wasted shots (2012)

On other labels:

L’éternel désaxement (2008, Okkult, free download)

Over & Out (2009, Svartgalgh, 2 x CD-R)

Ayato vs ghosts : Stillborn Dub (2011, Treetrunk, free download)