Failure Circle

failure circle jjg 17 février mod 2Another solo project from Kecap Tuyul (aka eg0cide S.A. and formerly known as the ghost between the strings). Fragile / unstable noise using modular systems : mostly no-input mixer with effects, and sometimes analog synthesizer.

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Eg0cide releases

[Eg0_167] Failure Circle : OxO.O
[Eg0_174 / SDT01] Various artists : Failure Circle , Godjira, Ugut (co-released with Apocope)
[Eg0_179] Failure Circle : A Mistake Within A Mistake
[Eg0_184] Failure circle : Frozen Clinamen #1
[Eg0_193] Failure circle : Frozen Clinamen #2
[Eg0_209] Failure Circle : Melting Clinamen
[Eg0_219] Failure Circle : Symphony #9

Picture by JJG Free