Submission Policy

New submission policy (16 february 2019)

In short

We are open again to submissions from new artists

And they are more likely to be accepted :

  • If your music is atypical / experimental / not fitting usual well-defined genres
  • lf you are a woman

And an important reminder : eg0cide is a non-profit netlabel : NO MONEY INVOLVED, NO PHYSICAL EDITIONS.

More in depth

I am interested in experimental music in a broad sense, atypical works rather than ones that fit a precise / well defined genre. If you really need some point of references, I like  free improvisation / sound art / noise / electroacoustic music / contemporary classical / electronica (and much more) but I don’t consider these categories like well defined genres –  rather like different approaches and ways to create music. I have nothing against more traditional formats when I feel that they are treated in an unorthodox, personal way, but am definitely not interested in releasing mainstream pop or dance music, nor stereotyped jazz, ambient or HNW. Before sending a contribution, please listen to some of the latest releases to see what I mean :

I also would like to release more music produced by women. It doesn’t mean to set up a quota system, but just to find a right balance. Among the many submissions I’ve received by mail since 10 years only 2 were sent by female artists and this doesn’t reflect the existing diversity in the music and arts universe. I should have been more careful about this since the beginning : I don’t want the eg0cide catalog to reflect a monolithic / sexist / patriarchal system that I don’t support.

I also keep publishing some personal & collaborative projects and stuff from long term contributors. Many releases are already planned for 2019. The release pace is currently 1 album every two weeks. For all these reasons, I can’t publish everything I receive, but only a few new artists each year and the process can be rather long. So I hope you won’t feel offended if I decline your submission. A “no” doesn’t mean that I consider your work uninteresting. Simply the selection process relies on my personal taste but also on a specific editorial line.

Technical details

Music submitted must be ready for a release (for instance I can’t make a decision based on isolated tracks published on a soundcloud page) and should be sent in flac or wav format using free download services. I will do my best to answer within one week.

Your submitted work should be exclusive to eg0cide productions and not be available from other label(s) (physical or digital). But of course the copyright remains with the artist and the works can be self-published on her/his personal site.

And a last important reminder :

Releases are in digital format only, published under creative commons licenses and made available as free downloads, hosted on, with a mirror on Free Music Archive and Bandcamp when their size permit it. Sorry but Eg0cide productions won’t publish physical records / tapes of your music, won’t organize world tours, won’t make you rich and famous. It’s meant to be a non-profit platform dedicated to share & spread the work of experimental / independent artists who share a similar state of mind – and hopefully help them to reach more listeners.

To send your submission or simply ask for more information, please write to tgbts0[at] or use the form below