[Eg0_240] Ayato : Face à face, épisode 2 saison 3

Face à Face, Episode 2, Saison 3 is the new issue of a serie of cut-up compositions by Ayato. It consists of playing in real time two tapes with two different multitrack recorders, which gives 4 stereo sounds side A in normal play and side B in reverse added to others sounds played depending on which way the wind is blowing with the others devices. Some Loops have been created during the mixing process. Cassettes are from private collection, gifts, prepared and found tapes, archives…

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[Eg0_239] Failure Circle : Frozen Clinamen #5

Frozen Clinamen is serie of works by Failure Circle (a solo project of Kecap Tuyul) started on autumn 2017. It follows a simple method inspired by the the possibilities of his no-input mixer set-up (and sometimes other modular set-ups) and the will to use a limited sound material in a posteriori compositions : all the sounds included in these works are recordings of moments that feature no human intervention. Frozen Clinamen #5  was recorded and mixed between july 2019 and august 2020.

step (1) Tweaking the set-up until it produces some seemingly autonomously self-sustained sound sequences.
step (2) Stopping tweaking, then recording for at least 20 minutes without any intervention on the set-up.
step (3) Repeating steps (1) & (2) several times.
step (4) Using the generated sounds as only source in a posteriori compositions. The only variations used while mixing are equalization, panoramics and volume levels.
step (5) play it at low/high volume with open/closed window while complety asleep / fully conscious.

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[Eg0_238] Diego Faskner Silveira : Revery Daynce Ostinavangarto

Today we welcome Brazilian artist Diego Faskner Silveira (see full bio at end of the page) with an amazing sound collage work. The album Revery Daynce Ostinavangarto is a mixture of four different sound sources, which occur alternately or simultaneously. Ostinavangarto is a sound continuum made from the periodic repetition of fragments from popular or avant-garde music. Every Daynce is the name of the net art project (https://everydaynce.blogspot.com) in which for a selected day (every two or three months) I record images and sounds and collect newspapers or print. These sounds, images and prints are used to create a sound piece, a video and a series of collages. Some pieces of the project are part of this album. Revery Daynce is the re-edition and remix of older pieces from Every Daynce, and the last source, Faskner III-X, is the realization through synthesizers and in a very fast beat of a series of pieces composed for different formations between 2005-2010.


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Diego Faskner Silveira (03/01/75) started to study music with 12 years old (drumset) and participated in various groups playing different kinds of music, like Relogios de Frederico and Faskner and Sinuca de Bico. Five albums were realeased during this period. From 2001 to 2016 Diego studied musical composition at Rio Grande do Sul University (Brasil), from graduation to doctorship degree and from 2008-2013 Diego was the director of the Porto Alegre Contemporary Music Group. Since 2015 Diego works with sound art and video and since 2017 with web art. In 2016 his video Nuvem Bola de Estática com Máquina de Pressão BW participated of the exposition “Hotel Europa”, (Enschede) and the festivals Filmideo 2017 (Newark) and IVAHM 2017 (Madrid). In 2018 three albums were released: “Bomspeto Dezoing Sinucomorguer Bodassum” (AMP-Recs – Mexico), “Fragmomento” (CPRecords – Argentina) and “Guitalão Fasknéllico” (Al Sand – Brasil). Also in 2018 his web art project “Neorganologium” participated of the biennial of digital art nfcdab, in Gol, Amsterdam and Valencia. His video Bodas” participated in the Bad Art Video Art Festival (Moscow) and his videos “Every Daynce Julho 2018” and “Neorganologium 4” participated of an exposicion promoted by the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg. In 2019 Diego participated of the album of soundwalks of Sonatório (Brasil), was selected to a residency at the Vila Flores Association (Brasil) and his piece “Comorguer Reairo” participated of the festival Xtal (Argentina). In 2020 the albums of the residency at Vila Flores and the album “Cimento Tarantela” were released by Diego and by the label Antena (Brasil). Diego also play in the group Remendola de Chave and runs the sound art project Devolussom.

[Eg0_237] Roberto Robao : Miniatures électroacoustiques

Roberto Robao is an Argentinian artist (musician, performer, …) currently living in Paris. His solo album Miniatures électroacoustiques documents his electronic composer activity, with 12 short and dense pieces revealing a very personal and poetic style.

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[Eg0_236] Kecap Tuyul : Somnambulistic Utopia

Somnambulistic Utopia, the new solo album of Kecap Tuyul is made of three one-hour long improvisations mixed together. Each new one was recorded without listening simultaneously to the previous one. The only predetermined choice in each of these improvisations was to include at least 15 minutes of silence in it, placed at different moments of each session. The technical set-up of these 3 sessions was the same : analog synthesizer, mixing board feedback and voice.

Two of these improvisations (9 and 20 March 2020) have been recorded for the uni.Sol_ project curated by Slavek Kwi aka Artificial Memory Trace. The 3rd one has been recorded especially for this piece on 13 April 2020.

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Special thanks to Magali Albespy and Slavek Kwi.

NB : Blurmoon , a previous release on eg0cide productions was produced more directly in the context of uni.Sol_Sessions




[Eg0_235] Anastasia Vronski : The Ceremony

Anastasia Vronski is a versatile experimental musician from Perm, Russia. Since years she has been creating an impressive and quite diverse body of work. Her new album The Ceremony has a definitely ritual vibe as the title suggests but with an original  mixture of mysterious roaring, droney and pulsating noises, and more identifiable  sounds like percussion & voices.

Music : Anastasia Vronski (samples, effect pedals)
Artwork : original picture by Jorge Fernandes

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AV The Ceremony

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[Eg0_234] Ayato : Clips and Soundboards 2

Clips and Soundboards 2 is a field recordings based album by Ayato , featuring : Linko, Patu, Myra, Nino, Lili Rose, Antoine, Solal, Ali, Julio Lloco, Natalia Zuluaga, Malik Nejmi, Benoit Hixe, Doiré (RIP), Kids, Tabu.

Sounds were recorded between 2009 and 2013 in Orléans, Saran, Olivet, Tours, St Laurent de Ceris, marais poitevin, kote de jade, Eyragues & Firenze, using minidisk & Nagra recorder + dictaphone recordings made between 2001 & 2013.
The album was mixed between 2016 and 2020. It is a sequel of  Clips and Soundboards published by Amp Recs in 2012.

Pictures : Lazy eye, Anton Mobin, Jhonny Jarry

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This release is accompanied by a serie of visual works (all images in a zip)


[Eg0_233] Pura Sombar : Soul Corner

Soul Corner was the first album of Pura Sombar duo of Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul, who collaborated by file exchange between 2018 and 2013 approximatively. It has firstly been published in 2009 on CD-R by the now defunct COmmA label.

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[Eg0_232] Seuil Optique : Les Habitants, Besides

Seuil Optique, duo of Sig Valax and Nicolas Tourney, offers a unique experience of listening to music in the dark. Immersing the stage and the public in constant darkness, Seuil Optique creates soundscapes where electronic transmissions, acousmatic landscapes and refined drones intersect. By jostling the boundaries between listening, blind manipulation of machines and immersive experience offered to the audience, the two musicians explore new sound tracks, in permanent dialogue with hybrid musicalities and the practice of singular instruments: persephone, field recording, electro-acoustic devices, matrices and samples.
On stage, they use deliberately “open” improvisation strategies and defeat the boundaries between manipulating machines in the dark, harmonics tinged with noise-producing materials and the “eyes closed” hearing experience offered to the public.

“Les Habitants, Besides” is a sequel of the duo’s third album Les Habitants, published a few weeks ago. It focuses on the practice of electronic improvisation. Recorded in three days and three nights, in Paris, in total darkness, Les Habitants aims to be a place of recognition of gesture as a creative act. No preparation beforehand, no benchmark, no intro or climax, only the interaction between two ways of producing spectral imprints. In this sound dialogue, electronics are the vector of total sincerity: the inhabitants target the listener, bringing them to live the experience of the moment that guides the “non-idiomatic” music of Seuil Optique, in which each sound, each transmitted waveform is dedicated to the inhabitants of the present.



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[Eg0_231] Hapax

Today we are proud to release the 1st album of Hapax, a free improvisation group from Montreuil, France. One of its particularities is to include a video artist who improvises with the musicians. This visual element is also documented in the release by 3 videos.

“Hapax was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to making visual and musical improvisations. We follow no instructions, no score, no director. Our only rule is to listen to and respect each other. We use our instruments, our voice, and also everyday objects. Accidents and mistakes are welcome. Images and sounds are sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. Anything can happen…”

Hapax are
Florence Artur : visuals
Olivier Bertaux : electric guitar
Bruno Kerhoas : theremin
Colette Othenin-Girard : soprano sax
Marcio Gibson : drums (track 1)
Ida Heidel : flute (track 2)
Simonetta Parisi : santour (track 5)

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