[Eg0_221] Mesce Basse : Marée Haute

Mesce Basse gathers five female musicians interested by real time composition and transformation of sound textures. They like to play with styles and twist formats by mixing free improvisation, electro, spoken word, noise, ambient, and songs. Their soundscape is provided by a diverse setting of electronic, accoustic and DIY instruments.

We are very happy to release their first album Marée Haute, consisting of free contrasted and subtle tracks, presenting the band’s personal blend of delicate atmospheres, bursts of energy and surprising shifts.


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Improvised music by
Camille Dianoux / Sampler, Effects
Emma / Voice, Texts, Objects
Emilie Zawadzki / Synthetizer, Machines
Magali Albespy / Voice, Analog Synthetizer
Sig Valax / Perséphone, Sequencer, synthesizers

Recorded in Franceville-Merville between 29 July and 2 August 2019
Visual : Sig Valax & Emilie Zawadzki
Mix : Camille Dianoux

Mesce Basse’s homepage
Mesce Basse on Soundcloud


[Eg0_220] uni.Sol_ : Blurmoon

Uni.Sol_ (United Artists For Well Being Of Solar System) is an “all inclusive project exploring the potential of extrasensory communication”. It was started in 2018 by Slavek Kwi (aka Artificial Memory Trace), with the purpose to “explore and implement the idea of freedom, to enhance research for extrasensory communication through art practise (and related media) and to create stimulating sensual, spiritual and aesthetic experience.”
Participants of Uni.Sol events are invited to “engage simultaneously (=in the same moment) across various time-zones in different locations (=around globe) in ABSTRACT inter-play via sound-media and similar”. But sometimes, despite of their good will, some contributors mess with the time zones. Rather than rejecting the resulting recordings and mixes, Slavek Kwi prefer to consider them as “creative misunderstandings”, which he regularily publishes in a special “Time Travel Section” of uni.Sol_. Blurmoon fall in this category : it comprises mixes of out of sync recordings by the three contributors of uni.Sol meeting of the 13 October 2019


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1. Stephen Bradley : Fra Mauro
2. Slavek Kwi : Timeslides & Shortcuts pt1
3. Slavek Kwi : Timeslides & Shortcuts pt2
4. Kecap Tuyul : Splitted Moon Cake
Pictures by Slavek Kwi

Slavek Kwi’s insight on his work here : “TIMESLIDES & SHORTCUTS (BLURMOON) pt1+2 is extra-subjective (re)mix of uni.Sol_fuLLmOOn, almost random encounter in between Stephen Bradley (USA), Kecap Tuyul (France) and Slavek Kwi (Ireland), recorded Monday 13/10/2019 from 11 PM to 1 AM night in time-zone of Ireland exploring extrasensory long-distance connection (telepathy).
Within memories, time merges in mysterious ways. The observer travels through time while selecting memories through distorted lenses of interpretation and personal preferences. Time then shifts accordingly, creating parallel realities. Untrue to one timeline, true to its nature – allowing to unfold another possible chain of events. Time as constant value collapses.
This sound composition is following coincidental stream of events unfolding in between 3 (or more) interpretations, trying to respect each individual vision as much is possible and put those in panoramic display within mix. Expansive nature of subjectivity creates the paradox of absurd but complementary contradictions: blurring of initial idea on one side and simultaneously multiplying the potential of the same idea on opposite side.”

More information about artists :

Stephen Bradley’s homepage
Slavek Kwi on bandcamp
Kecap Tuyul’s homepage


[Eg0_218] Nicolas Tourney : Enter the Word

Nicolas Tourney is a french experimental musician and sound designer, also owner of the label Snow in Water Records. With Enter the Word, he offers us a rich and surprising electronic work focused on the use of various vocal samples.

Presentation by the artist :

(speech music & sampling theory)

An album born from a practice that leaves behind fragments of voices, captures, scans, sonic residues that are often considered as forbidden samples.
Questions about our listening habits, our incomplete lexicons.
The never ending recurrence of one sentence : “you should sing on your stuff, it would sell better!”.
Traces, textures, cuts of a formless territory. The residue faces an esthetic choice that allows its existence : typographic fractals, numbers, radio rustling, syllabary, robotic stances, descriptive fragments.
What makes the distinction between music and speech? What makes speaking differ from raw sound but also from meaning?
Enter the word aims to answer to these two questions through listening, by trying to describe the spotter’s wait behind an airport’s fence.



Full album download links : Wav /Flac/Mp3 / Video / Artwork
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Credits : music and visuals by Nicolas Tourney.

Nicolas Tourney on Spotify.
Nicolas Tourney on Bandcamp.


[Eg0_217] Simonetta Parisi : In Fine

Simonetta Parisi is an Italian artist (musician and dancer) currently living in Paris since 1992. She published a solo album for piano (her main instrument) in 2007 and has composed a related piece for voice, piano and text, but her regular activity as an improviser has rarely been documented. Today we offer you to discover one of her vivid and subtle solo improvisations, recorded live “Au Chat Noir” (Paris) in November 2018 by JJGFREE.


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More information about Simonetta Parisi

After having studied classical music in the Vincenzo Bellini Coservatoy (Palerma, Italy) she focused on contemporary music, improvisation and real time composition. She played with Christophe Delerce, Judith Kan, Véronique Ernoult, Ida Helene Heidel , Dominique Wisniewski , Ren Yashio, Gianni Gebbia, Dario Lo Cicero, Jerome Fouquet, AI Watanabe, Pascal Giordano, Steve Johns, Roberto Robao, Eldo Lauriano, Jean Bordé, Claude Parle, Jean Marc Foussat, Fred Marty, Rafaele Arditti, Jac Pochat, Pascale Tardif, Kecap Tuyul.
As a dancer, she performed for various companies & choregraphers : Myoko Shida, Flagrant Désir (Bruno Couderc), l’Echafaudage (Thierry Guedj), Artesonado (Soraya Djebbar) , cie Instantaneo. She wrote two solo dance pieces “Voci ” et “Frammenti”. She also has developped an artistic research on the relations between dance and music with thr Tracce company founded in 2000 with Christophe Delerce.
She also organizes various events mixing improvised music, lectures, dance in Paris.
Personal site


[Eg0_216] Nina Kardec : NEMA

Nina Kardec has been producing electronic music since 2005. You can listen to her works like you would watch a Kenneth Anger or Stanley’s Kubrick’s movie with their shades of darkness and lights.
NEMA is a concept album about a new pagan mythology in which old gods and goddesses find their way to a source that takes the form of a primal divinity called Kahaa. This musical trip drives the listener in different spaces where nature and humanity confront each other. Harsh and dark sounds collide with the softness of drones or piano, and with various field recordings.
NEMA is a sequel to Nina Kardec’s previous album Collabs Postmortem released early 2019 by Vaatican Records. It might be followed in a few months by an album of remixes  by various artists. Fell free to contact us if you wish to participate to this project.

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org :


direct download links : Wav / Flac / Mp3 / artwork

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Music / voice / texts : Nina Kardec
Except : A Forest (cover), written & composed by The Cure

Nina Kardec on Soundcloud
Nina Kardec on bandcamp

Nina Kardec would like to publish an album of remixes of NEMA by various artists which would be released by eg0cide productions early 2020. As usual it will be a digital only album released under a non-commercial Creative Commons License.

If you wish to participate please read the rules below :

Each artist must choose one of these 4 tracks selected by Nina :


For each oth this song you’ll find here a zip file containing all the separate tracks (simply click on the name to download it).

– Length and styles are free
It is asked to each artists to use her/his voice in the remix. Thus the participating artists will somehow appear as “apostles” of NEMA, and extend the concept of the original album, which is about the encounter of an old mythology (greek) with a new religion.
– Deadline : 31 December 2019
– Each track must be sent in wav format to eg0cide productions : tgbts0 (at) gmail.com

Personnal note by the artist

This album is the transcription of a dream that I have been doing for over 2 years …
Every night … Every night …
The main character is Kahaa, “THE” primary deity, locked in a human avatar … contemporary,
of that which it has called in the monotheistic religions: “GOD”.
Yes it is a WOMAN. And she is a witness of our society …
And she is angry and so SAD but turned to LIGHT.
with her daughter GAÏA and her CHILDREN OF OLYMPUS …
Here is…
This is Kahaa’s wish
transcribed into music.


[Eg0_215] Fred Marty : Après les Cendres

Fred Marty is a french musician born in 1970. After having studied classic doublebass, he focused on free improvisation and experimental music. He developed a personal language inspired by sounds of everyday life, expanding the known range of the doublebass by extended playing techniques and the use of various objects inserted between the strings.

He has also been playing electric bass in various contexts since his beginnings, and in the piece we release today : Après les cendres. This composition recorded in April 2019 is a study of resonances and long sounds created with a prepared electric bass.
Special thanks to Simonetta Parisi for the picture used on the artwork.


Full album download links :Wav /Flac/Mp3Artwork
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More info about Fred Marty :

Official site

Very active in the free improvisation scene, he collaborates with artists in various disciplines : video, dance, readings.
He played with Yuko Oshima, Ai Watanabe, Birgitte Lyregaard, Yoko Arai, Frédéric Blondy, Edward Perraud, Itaru Oki, Claude Parle, Lê Quan Ninh, Roger Turner, Xavier Lopez, Michel Doneda, Sébastien Bouhana, Marcos Fernandes, Usui Yasuhiro, Alvise Sinivia, Michael Nick, Daunik Lazro, Isabelle Duthoit, Benoit Cancoin, Matsumoto Kenichi, Jean Marc Foussat, Yoko Arai, John Cuny, Jean Brice Godet, Alexandre Bellenger, Nush Werchowska, Mathieu Garrouste, Pascal Marzan, Cyprien Busolini, Nicolas Souchal, Deborah Walker, Patricia Bosshard, Francesco Pastacaldi, Richard Comte, Hideo Ikegami, Ugo Boscain, Kecap Tuyul and works with butô dancers Gyouhei Zaitsu, Maki Watanabe.
Since 2012, he is a member of contemporary ensemble ONCEIM.