[Eg0_200] The perfect failure (?) vol. 6 : Imperfect failures

Even bad things come to an end! This is the 6th and last volume of the perfect failure (?) / l’échec parfait (?). I must admit I failed to find any real or perfect failure among all the sounds submitted. Each of them inspired me for building interesting sound blocks, imagining new composition tactics, blurring the distinction between what I can find “good” or “bad” – although I won’t deny that many of these sounds were somehow headache-inducing when played on repeat while working on this 5 hours long mix.

Will you love-hate all these “Imperfect failures” as much as I did while patiently gathering them during 7 years? Probably it is and unbearable listen, and probably it is not bad enough yet. In all cases,  the egocidal aim to create some kind of failurological artistic practice has imperfectly failed, it is time to move on. For instance, concerning the editorial line and submission policy of eg0cide productions, there is a kind of failure that I really dislike and want to correct : the under-representation of female artists in the back catalog. You can read more about this in the page about our new  submission policy.

Many thanks to all the contributors who trusted me enough to send their secret / questionable material :  3/2, A.D. du nord, Ayato, Benoît RouitsCharles premier, Cocotte Sapiens, David Pomlait, Doedelzak, Extrasystole, Gavin Prior, Half Evidence, Hellsings, Janne Nummela, Jules Valentin, The Kiriks, Luxalove, M.A.K.T. Sono, Mata-Hari, Natalia Kamia, Onde Poussière, Philippe Desclais, psph.S, Siu, tay_ploops, Torbill, Xavier Mussat, XtetX Ensemble, Yoshiwaku, 3HNT– and some anonymous people. I shamelessly contributed to this with some of the worst recordings of my solo projects Kecap Tuyul and Failure Circle.

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eg0_200 / eg0cide productions

[Eg0_199] Half Evidence : Veines

Half Evidence (a french free improvisation duo formed in 2012 by Charles premier & Kecap Tuyul) is currently on hiatus since summer 2016, but their story isn’t finished. Amongst hours of  material created between 2012 and 2016 they have selected a few tracks recorded in april 2013, gathered in a new album : Veines. In these sessions, Charles premier played several of his home-made instruments, while Kecap Tuyul used prepared guitar and voice.

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[Eg0_198] tay_ploops : ta_rot

Tay_ploops is a solo project of multidisciplinary Canadian artist (painter, performer, puppeteer, musician) Jessica Gabriel. She initially conceived Ta_rot as a concept album of sad experimental songs to be released on 30 november 2018, for the international remembrance day for lost species.
Unexpected events of the cycle of life and death intervened in the genesis of this project and delayed it several times- but the wheel continues to turn and we are glad to finally to share this touching sonic testimony created with fragile materials.

ta_rot is sound collage born from death
…the moon…..the wheel of time…
gone again end again
love to shell
(Jessica Gabriel)

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Credits :

all sounds recorded on handheld casse-tête tape
save for vocal loops on track 2 recorded with eye_fone loopy app
all the instruments, tape loops, sounds and smears are collected, played, mixed and mélanged by moi using audacity

extralala credits :

words read from vicki noble’s motherpeace tarot on tracks 1, 2, 3
voice by brandon schwinn on tracks 4 & 9
piano by chloe ziner on tracks 4 & 10
bc ferries safety announcements on track 6
tape loop – the wyrd sisters “leave a little light” on track 6
tape loop – genesis “the lamb lies down…” on tracks 7 & 8




Live 13 février 2019 : Magali Albespy & Anne-Catherine Nicoladzé, Fred Marty & Kecap Tuyul (Tiasci)


Mercredi 13 février 2019
Tiasci, 13 rue de l’Acqueduc
75010 Paris
10 € (repas végétarien et boisson inclus)

En collaboration avec Tiasci, dans le cadre d’une série mensuelle associant concerts de musiques improvisée/expérimentale et performances “autres”.
L’événement sur facebook.

Magali Albespy et Anne-Catherine Nicoladzé

Performance Corps/Action/Mot

La proposition se plaît à habiter des espaces atypiques et à utiliser la scénographie existante. Elle s’amuse à glisser du réel vers des univers imaginaires. Elle interroge le regard porté sur l’espace, sur le corps actant et sur la notion de spectacle.






Fred Marty & Kecap Tuyul

Duo d’improvisation entre un contrebassiste repoussant les limites de son instrument et un manipulateur de dispositifs électroniques lo-tech ayant un commun un travail sur des sons distordus et/ou volontairement appauvris. Leur rencontre musicale joue autant sur les contrastes entre les sonorités propres à chacun que sur leurs possibilités de création de timbres complexes où les raclements de l’archet peuvent se confondre avec le crachotement des amplis, où les ululements instables du larsen peuvent s’entrelacer avec le chant des cordes. Fred Marty et Kecap Tuyul élaborent ensemble un univers de bruissements pouvant se faire caressant ou rugueux, souvent accidenté, mais sans surenchère de volume sonore.


Après des études de contrebasse classique, Fred Marty consacre son travail à l’improvisation et l’expérimentation de divers modes de jeux sur la contrebasse. Jouant régulièrement avec de nombreux autres improvisateurs, il est également membre de l’ONCEIM depuis 2012.







Expérimentateur sonore autodidacte, actif sous divers pseudonymes depuis les années 90, Kecap Tuyul a longtemps oeuvré principalement en solo. En tant qu’improvisateur, il privilégie les instruments fragiles et instables, tel le z(xW+yV), dispsositif électronique lo-fi utilisé notamment dans son duo avec Fred Marty initié à l’automne 2018.








[Eg0_197] Doedelzak : P8 phase 3

P8 phase 3 presents another side of the work of our regular contributor Doedelzak. This time he used an hybrid methodology of improvisation, generative music and post-production manipulations. The 3 phases indicated in the title refer to the three main stages of the creative process used here :
phase 1 : improvisation on MIDI piano
phase 2 : extension on multiple virtual instruments, using aleatory distributions
phase 3 : superpositions, accelerations/decelerations, volumes
The result is multi-layered composition which is in the same time easy to the ear (thanks to its smooth sounds and melodic components) and very complex and ever changing. It could be enjoyed as background music but is also fascinating for a more focused listening which will let you discover many details and subtleties of the piece.

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[Eg0_196] Ayato & Kecap Tuyul : The shaman won’t come back

The shaman won’t come back is a new file-exchange based collaborative album of Ayato & Kecap Tuyul, It was recorded and mixed in various places between 2015 and 2018. Ayato played guitar with live looping made with a Revox reel to reel tape player, and Kecap Tuyul later overdubbed these hypnotic tracks with various sounds, building dense and trippy soundscapes.

This work can be considered as the 3rd part of a trilogy started with Waiting for the shaman , published 6 years ago. For the moment, the 2nd part of this trilogy exists only in the head of the listener.

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Birds (Song thrush aka Turdus philomelos) songs used on track 2 have been recorded by Lars Edenius and are licensed under a “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0” License. They are available on the site xeno-canto.org .
The other found sounds used by Kecap Tuyul came from older sources whose exact origins have been forgotten.

[Eg0_195] Ayato & Naoki Ishida : Tapes Outtakes

Ayato & Naoki Ishida have been working together via file exchange since the early 2010s. 3 years after their album Red_control rec​.​played , they offer us a split album recorded between 2015 and 2016 : Tapes Outtakes. Here, as the title suggests, the 2 artists have both worked with magnetic tapes. Ayato has used an old Revox reel-to-reel tape player to create evolving loops of various instruments, while Ishida has used other (undisclosed) methods and material. Two ways to use the tape as an instrument and tool for experimental composition.

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