New TGBTS release – Eg0cide Productions will soon wake up

Well, Eg0cide productions exists since almost 2 years, and had no official page except the download page at (and this blog which was created 1 year ago but was never updated)

Anyway 10 mp3 albums are available here so far, and new releases will arrive soon…This will be the occasion for me to update this blog more regularily
Let’s start with something not that new :
The latest release was the 1st part of “hoping for the end of hope”, a double album that has been available for a short time as a 2xcd-r edition with artwork from Cédric Lerouley).
Today the 2nd part is finally avalaible as a free mp3 on

Until now I’ve been too lazy to post about previous eg0cide releases but soon there will be new releases, with new contributors, firstly with a collaboration with CDRX, and later the first release of Astrodom, who is patiently tweaking his “special” sounds since years…

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