[Eg0_019] Cédric Lerouley – Manifestation

With this new release Eg0cide productions wish to make you discover the work of Cédric Lerouley, a discreet and underestimated drone/experimental artist from France. The 2 tracks of “Manifestation” show 2 sides of his work :  mysterious, subtle & ominous drone (which reminds me a bit of Jim O’Rourke’s “Disengage”) and delicate acoustic minimalist music…

Like most of his music, this album has firstly been published in 2005 as a (now out of print (??)) limited CD-R on COmmA, Cédric’s own label, and was (like all CommA releases) packaged in a splendid handmade cover.

Click on the picture to go to the download page

2 responses to “[Eg0_019] Cédric Lerouley – Manifestation

  1. Really engaging….has some of the close surface of the early
    Onkyô recordings from Off Site…..and there’s a little Angus MacLise in the rattle and atmosphere. Looking forward to exploring more.

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