[Eg0_069] The perfect failure vol. 1 : Requiem pour un poisson rouge

Requiem pour un poisson rouge (= requiem for a goldfish) is the 1st volume of eg0cidian collective project the perfect failure(?) . This piece is a mix of sounds provided by various contributors to whom we asked to send us (what they find) their worst recordings. The project goes on, we need more contributions to finish a 2nd volume. If you want to contribute read all the details here

Many thanks to all contributors : C.P. Mc Dill, David Nemeth, DjP, Doc Demagol, Jeff Sampson, Kecap Tuyul, Kirill Platonkin, La Machine, Le Sot, Mystified, OU_pi golgotha.undead, Serge-Antoine Eg0cide, Stillborn Blues, The Ghost Between The Strings – and the anonymous ones…

click on the picture to visit the download/streaming page on archive.org

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