[Eg0_110] PhiMinD : Ascisco

In terms of releases, PhiMinD is a newcomer (?) in the field of dark ambient / ritual music, but he amazed us by the quality and depth of his works.
Ascisco was self-released in december 2013 and we thought it deserves more exposure – because this album is simply one of the best in its league that we heard in 2013.
All tracks sound very focused and cohesive despite of their improvised nature. It also seems that no looping was used in these recordings – and this is something we find quite refreshing.
We advice you to follow this project’s future works on his soundcloud account. If you want to help the artist, you can make a donation via his bitcoin account: 196eyyyzkNRzoeCxkpEW8m7DjM4DfY



Click on the picture to visit the download page


Download the full album

Notes by the artist:

Created with ritual intent and is to be used as such.
This album manifested in early 2012 shortly after reading Liber AL vel Legis.

Oh Sacra, let thine wish spawn anew
Unwind thou rusted coil buried within
Bend three and one half returns upon him
Awaken and be thy Will up high
Paint thy brow with sun kissed sky

Headphones and silent darkness recommended

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