[Eg0_112] Nowa Ziemia : Trajektorie

We discovered Nowa Ziemia with these 2 tracks that he firstly self-released separately . “Bez światła” (without light) is rather abstract and noisy, “Wzorcec” (patterns) is quieter and more melodic. Both show a great sense of atmosphere building, somewhere between minimalist post-rock and raw guitar drone. They now form Trajektorie, the first web album of this very promising artist.

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Downlaod the full album

More information (description by the artist):
Nowa Ziemia is the solo project of Artur Krychowiak from Gdynia, Poland. The project was started in autumn 2013 after improvising and recording the first song. Nowa Ziemia is the place for experimental music with no strict rules apart from the use of the guitar, a few sound effects and a cello bow. The music contains drone-based textures, dark ambient and experimental noise in the background with atmospheric melodies.


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