[Eg0_116] Icoste : Dysthymia

Icoste is a solo project of electronic musician Stéphane Jeanin from Belmont, USA. Dysthymia is one of his most experimental works to date. This amazing album has an overall opressive and dark feeling expressed through various means – eerie floating voices, minimal drones, swirling alien pads that sometimes turn into noisy electronic storms. The whole forms a deep sonic experience that becomes more and more powerful track after track, culminating with the complex and crushing rythmical sequences of Negation of Nihilism and the final fireworks of Ideas Fork Bomb.

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Full album download links:

Notes by the artist :

“Icoste is an aspect of my personality that I concretized in a musical project during 2005. It allows me to express myself through music. It may contain elements of hardcore techno, ambient or experimental, depending on what I want to express.
Dysthymia is a “catharsis” album that allows me to make other understand and feel the way I experience daily life through my “medical peculiarity”.

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