[Eg0_134] N. Fushigi : Terrorism

N. Fushigi is a relatively recent one-man project: vocalist, pianist, guitarist, composer. His first album Terrorism was firstly self-published and we thought it deserves more exposure. This is a powerful work that combines various sonic nuances (industrial rock, darkwave, dark ambient) within a thrilling narrative structure (the author says it’s an album “about dark places and dark stories centered around three main pieces called “Digressions” that depict various themes: ghost towns, zombie bikers and cold war nuclear facilities”). The well balanced constrats between  short catchy tunes, minimal ambient ones, and more complex ones (“digression”) makes the whole  album easy to listen despite its complexity. Definitely an artist to follow (his second album is currently under construction)

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links

Bandcamp mirror

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