[Eg0_136] Gusev K.P. : Mnogoodin

There are different ways to use electronic devices and computers in music. Some works that are produced with such tools are often criticized for being too mechanical : just a mix of various samples and effects. On the opposite some composers use electronics in a rather traditional way: like instruments they have to master in order to give life to what they have in their mind.

Gusev K.P ‘s relation to electronic tools sound different to our ears: his works remind us elements of early electronic improvisations, 90s “glitch”, generative music. His latest album Mnogoodin seems to countain a part of randomness (like complex patches evolving by themeselves), but we also feel a distinct warm / human feeling in it, an almost “jazzy” way of playing. We don’t know much about the intentions and methods of Gusev K.P., who simply presents himself as “a musician (from Moscow, Russia) with an interest in merging styles and experimenting with formal aspects”. Anyway the result of his live playing is in the same time strange and pleasant, irregular (in details) and cohesive as a whole.

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Full album download links

Bandcamp mirror

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