[Eg0_147] Cody Ban : Sustained Neighbor-tones Drowned By Microtonal Undulations

In our times, it is hard to still believe in something like “harmony of the spheres”. Instead, people like Cody Ban (a duo featuring Lorsen Lo (aka Slo-Blo) and Iban Call)  try to extract some kind of “beauty” from the depths of some subdued rumbling chaos. Using only guitars (with a bunch of stompboxes effects) they produce some of the most adventurous and cosmic drone guitar music I’ve heard since a long time. Piece after piece, their nicely titled-album Sustained Neighbor-tones Drowned By Microtonal Undulationsunveils unveils hypnotic sonic waves that ondulates slowly beyond the surface, leave discret shimmering trails in a wide resonating space, and sometimes roar like a bleeding stellar beast. For people who need some name-dropping, let’s say Cody Ban is like a missing link between Maeror Tri’s abysmal guitar soundcapes and the shoegazey sounds of FSA or Windy & Carl.

Recorded & mixed by Iban at Asla Recording in august 2015

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links

Bandcamp mirror

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