[Eg0_149] Ars Sonor : Sjöarna

4 years after the EP Box of Matches (in collaboration with Meklabor), Ars Sonor comes back on eg0cide with a full length album based on field recordings made near the Baltic Sea (Himmerfjärden and Baggensfjärden) in May 2012 and May 2013 respectively, lake Mälaren in June 2013, and lake Trekanten in September 2014.

Here we have 4 spacious soundscapes that grow slowly layer after layer and offer not only deep drones but also a hint of atmospheric post-rock. The flawless sound production and the emotional richness of Sjoärna make it a piece of choice for the pickiest amateurs of ambient music.

Click on the picture (artwork by S19) to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links

Bandcamp mirror

3 responses to “[Eg0_149] Ars Sonor : Sjöarna

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  3. J’ai reçu
    Et j’ai perdu
    J’ai cherché
    Et j’ai retrouvé
    Et je suis resté
    Sans me retourner
    Sans me demander si je reviendrais un jour

    J’ai senti
    Et j’ai perçu
    Que j’étais devenu
    Devinant sans difficulté
    Que je ne rechercherai plus comme avant

    Réjean Desrosiers © 2015 10 22 ☮ 005 / / / 20151022005

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