[Eg0_151] ZH & Stembreo : The Catamite


Parker Weston is a multimedia artist creating music as Stembreo. In The Catamite he teamed with ZH (Zach Hallquist ) to create an amazing multidimensional soundcape. While most of the tracks are based on melancolic dark ambiences, they are often enhanced and distructured by unexpected sound-collages.
A rich and disorienting work that deserves several listenings to fully apreciate its paradoxical coherence.

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org

ZH & Stembreo - The Catamite - 000

Full album download links

  • Flac (to be updated)
  • Mp3

Bandcamp mirror

[Temporary notice : there are technical problems lately with archive.org uploads (especially with some flac files). So for the moment I recommend to download the flac version from bandcamp. Please remember that bandcamp is a commercial site that is mostly interested in your money. If you like eg0cide productions and want to support non-profit organization , please donate to archive.org , it will help them to provide a better service.]


Zachary Hallquist- guitar, keyboards, electroacoustics, tapes, bass guitar
Parker Weston- electroacoustics, sampling, modulars, turntables, radio, toys, brushes, gym, plastic, scraping, vocals, artwork
Cover art: “Coaching Pearls on the Skeleton Coast”

Aditional insighths by the artists :

ZH (Zach Hallquist)-

“This collaboration allowed me to work outside of the normal constraints I have when creating music.  Typically ZH’s music is calculated/measured, but with Stembreo’s influence/inspiration I was able to let things happen in a more free form manner.”

Parker Weston-

“Stembreo operates like an audio virus, regardless of genre, more reactive than creative, and that only works to my advantage if I’m careful not to let it obscure those I collaborate with, whom are essential to the evolution of my work. Zach’s music brought a certain austere discipline to my audio fuckery that I will take with me no matter what new musical hosts Stembreo encounters and tangos with.”


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