[Eg0_159] Janne Nummela : Level Crossing

Janne Nummela (b. 1973) is a Finnish experimental artist working in the intersection of the technology and creativity with process art attitude. He has released four albums of experimental multigenre music, five volumes of poetry and installed a number of visual art exhibitions.
Level Crossing is part of a larger composition process started early 2015. It uses multiple ingredients and is polymetric in rhytmical nature. It combines sounds from field recordings, speech, virtual analog synthesizers, MSP/Max programmed sythesizers, sampled instruments with various manipulations.
Most of the separate compositions are made by MSP/Max based composition tool, programmed by the composer himself. This tool is a kind of musical meta-instrument with just a few more parametric layers or dimensions than usual musical instruments. Input of the tool is any kind of extractable or hand/foot controlled data. Output is the MIDI data or controlling data for the synthesizers.
Despite the serialist nature of the composing (material production / improvisation) process, the realtime auditive feedback is important. So far this process is too unstable to be realized on live performances, thus it exists in laboratory environments only. Modern serialist methodology, mainly based on Stockhausens and Messiaens work, is used to introduce controlled but maximal musical diversity using up to date computer and studio technology.

Janne Nummela has studied music technology in Sibelius Academy Helsinki, and he has a Master of Science degree in Acoustics Engineering from Aalto University Helsinki.

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Full album download links

Bandcamp mirror


All compositions & music: Janne Nummela
Voice on #11 Montague Keen (by permission of Veronica Keen)
Artwork: Janne Nummela
Cover Design: Antti Kirjalainen
Special thanks: Timo Salo, Jorma Vakkuri, Nadezhda Nilova, Veronica Keen.

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