[Eg0_170] The perfect failure (?) vol. 5 : Le cadavre du chat noir

Le cadavre du chat noir is the 5th volume of the perfect failure (?) / l’échec parfait (?)

featuring Antropik, Ayato, Benoît RouitsCharles premier, DeltanikDelikbeyin, Doc Demagol, Doedelzak, Extrasystole, Half EvidenceHerr DJ Deppenhorst, Janne Nummela, Jeremy from Boise, Natalia Kamia, psph.S, roger mpr, Siu, Slo-blo, Torbill, Sysma, Kecap Tuyul , XtetX Ensemble, Yoshwaku, 3HNT– and some anonymous contributions

We still think this stuff is not bad enough. We have to make something worse, so your contributions are still welcome for next volumes. Don’t be shy and send us your most disastrous sounds.
The rules are simple : send us the sound(s) you consider being the worst (boring / badly recorded / unbearable / laughable…the criteria are totally subjective and entirely up to you) you’ve ever created/recorded and that you haven’t still destroyed – for any (preferably bad) reason(s). We won’t make a compilation of these tracks, but a single
piece mixing the submitted sounds.

The paradoxical goal of this project is to achieve “something” out of this sum of failures – the “perfect” failure? But if we reach this goal, wouldn’t it be a failure? And if we fail, wouldn’t it be a success? Should we try to make it even worse than the isolated elements?

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Review by KN on “Yeah I know it sucks”

It appears that If you happen to be a masochist that likes their heads filled with anything bad, boring, annoying, annihilating or sheer craziness than you might have been in luck today. Cause that is what this new kind of conceptual work seems to be all about; bringing the worst of the worst together in a singular track, as if it’s all chewed up for a precise little consumable flogging that “normal” consumers would probably would like to avoid as if it’s the plague, but failing fools might thrive in. However not everything is what it seems cause… well I tell you later…let me mumble some more on the concept of this production:

A lot of deprived and crazy artistic loving people have come together to send in all their worst possible sounds, (no genre limitations or clearly chewed out rules) and the person behind the project melted all these snippets of pure awfulness together like some kind of insane alchemist that instead of trying to create real gold, had been working hard to create the ‘perfect failure’. Which indeed upon its own success would make the perfect failure null and void as than it wouldn’t be so much of a failure anymore. Deep stuff, eh?

For this massive golden failure the sounds of Antropik, Ayato, Benoît Rouits, Charles premier, Deltanik, Delikbeyin, Doc Demagol, Doedelzak, Extrasystole, Half Evidence, Herr DJ Deppenhorst, Janne Nummela, Jeremy from Boise, Natalia Kamia, psph.S, roger mpr, Siu, Slo-blo, Torbill, Sysma, Kecap Tuyul , XtetX Ensemble, Yoshwaku, 3HNT– and some anonymous contributions have been supplied. A whole bunch of artists we never heard off and a handful of ones that might rang the bell of recognition over here. Kudos to the alphabetic order of all these contributors, it really makes the creator of the project look like a person who knows what it is doing.

So now… how does it sounds like? I mean that’s what we are here for, right? I guess I have to wear some kind of a anti hazard kind of suit for safety and protection. After all these warnings… I mean, I’m not totally a masochist and with this promised load of wading through the worst and purest shits does come across like something that might not be so beneficial for a listener’s health. That said; it is probably very healthy for the artists involved, as nothing helps better for creative people to throw out their garbage once in awhile & knowing that it gets used well in some kind of weird experiment…

Anyway, it took some time to get the suit on, but after some meditation and reading a few ‘self help’ books I went for it.. facing the failure as if it was a shower whose water had been exchanged with feces of pure disgust. Shit; I had forgotten to put a peg on my nose in order to avoid the unforgivable stench that would come along. But strangely naked as I stood in this pool of instant insanity I must say that I couldn’t say anything bad! It didn’t even smell bad!

In fact I was quite overwhelmed by the sensible idiotic questionable sound show, a collage that seem to give me a crazy story that went from eerie crap Hollywood movie strings, opera disgust, absent avant-garde ramblings, distorted fuzz, the lower keys of the piano, the annoyances of the guitarists, the out of tune strangeness that brushes its teeth as other drone like seventies melodies flow out and about, to Mexican whistlers, brilliant insanity and clearly the unthinkable all matched together.

Somehow this collection of failing music bits don’t seem so bad after all. Together they become a quite manageable experience of Squeezing doors, French terraces loaded with people, street wise accordion players, someone sweeping the floor, some kind of shoe souls being scratched, rolls of duck tape being rolled out, dubious alien sounds from outer space, terrible chip tune sounds & crappy field recordings, telephone loops, idiotically ‘happy fun’ as sung by deranged toy ducks, ambient horrors, stained piano keys, the twinkling tickles of string instruments, unexplainable noises, menacing electronics, bad techno, the sound of teaspoons, nonsensical dada poetry, new age nonsense, French speaking voices, robot blobs, ear piercing oddities and gosh what not… ? I guess someone’s torments are a other person’s delight. Differently framed: someone’s trash might be golden precious sensations to someone else. Another person’s personal hell might be heaven for another… you get the point!

To me, personally… this was a brilliant listening experience. There was no need for the biohazard suit, a masochist, or the slight fear of being flushed and showered with poop; in fact it was a entertaining collage that in all their togetherness brought out some kind of surreal beauty. So if the idea behind this release would have been to create a unlistenable turd of annoyances, the project had failed as it’s a complex, interesting and surreal audio collage that feels much more inspiring than you would expect when you read all the warning words.

It’s in fact a perfect trip in audio form, probably best to experience while under the influence of some magic shrooms, although it is trippy enough on its own, ready to get your mind teleported to the land of pleasant insanities. It feels weird to say it, but I do really recommend you to hear this release as it’s perfect audio entertainment for all.


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