XtetX#35 : Volt / Summer / M. Albespy, Marieheüln, S. Valax / Church Fire / Mirror Fears (9 juin, La Pointe Lafayette)

XtetX – Fauchage Collectif & DOXA ESTA présentent

Volt / Summer / M. Albespy, Marieheüln, S. Valax / Church Fire / Mirror Fears

Samedi 9 juin 2018  
La Pointe Lafayette
230 rue Lafayette
Métro Jaurès

20:30 – 2:00

Une soirée très éclectrique, voire carrément survoltée…

Volt (Paris)

Technoise rudimentaire du futur
Morgane Carnet: batterie
Olivia Scemama: basse

Church Fire (Denver)

Described by 303 Magazine ​as “an entrancing electronic exorcism,” Shannon Webber and David Samuelson make up a “dramatic music force that you can only begin to understand after seeing church fire perform live.” church fire’s unique approach to witch house/dance music and their undeniable punk aesthetic make them a versatile fit on any bill. Their latest full length album, pussy blood, was
released by MC Sole​ (Anticon​) on his Denver label Black Box


Summer (Paris)

Electro-noise-rock sans pitié


Magali Albespy / Marieheüln / Sig Valax (Paris)

Trio d’improvisation sur “soundbox”, instrument électroacoustique inventé par Derek Holzer



Mirror Fears

Mirror Fears is the dark ambient beat-driven solo project of Kate Warner, based in Denver, CO. Described as experimental synth-pop and avant-garde electronica, Mirror Fears draws upon the minimalist approach of XX, the lush textures of M83, and the harshness of Gazelle Twin. She will be touring Europe and playing Titwrench Fest Stockholm​ in June, 2018 with her new full-length album Eaten, on the new Denver label Abstract Without Abstraction.




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