[Eg0_182] Unattributed : 0323EE

After years of sparse and mostly indirect contacts, we are glad to welcome Unattributed, a solo project of George de Bruin, who is completely at home on eg0cide productions as an experimental musician and netlabel activist (George curates the Cerebral Audio netlabel, which specialized in experimental electronic music). The Unattributed project is based on the concepts of transformation and generative music, using manipulated images that are processed using an ANS synthesizer emulation.

023EE was recorded during the same session as the 07E2DA release. This track steps deeper into exploring multi-layered noise constructs that are at once shifting and changing, and always on the edge of breaking apart in a digital bit-melting breakdown.
This work is created by using image transformation. The image is run through a series of filters to produce an image that is at once representative of the original, yet bears out structures and elements of the image that are not easily seen within it. The image is transformed into sound using a photoelectric synthesizer based on the concepts of the ANS synthesizer.
The sound from the ANS synthesizer are manipulated through equalization, filters and envelopes to shape and form the pure noise signal into a sonic sculpture that interprets the image in a new dimension.

Direct download links :

Free music archive mirror (mp3 only)

Bandcamp mirror



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