[Eg0_212] Ayato & Naoki Ishida : Momenta

Ayato & Naoki Ishida have been working together by file exchange since the early 2010s. On Momenta they explore a more melodic and accessible style than on their previous releases on eg0cide( Red_control rec​.​played which focused on field recordings and the split album Tapes Outtakes.based on tapes manipulations). This time they ofter 14 instrumental tracks blending elements of post-rock, dub, and ambient, using many different instruments and field recordings. The compositions are smooth and catchy, but never simplistic – they deserve many listenings that will let you discover their depth and subtelties.

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links : Wav / Flac / Mp3Artwork

Bandcamp mirror


03_Piou piou la palomita (1,2,3 souvenirs)
04_Early times
05_Underground mail
09_Meeting the Elephant
11_Fafrotskie, furthest sanctuary
13_Old town


Naoki played keyboards, loops, beatz

Ayato played guitars, bass,tapes & tr606, destroyed piano,turntable,
field recordings & lap op programing for some tracks.

recorded between 2012 &2013 @ la ferme là_Olivet_France & studio Necoyanagi_Kyoto_Japan.
mixed @ la ferme là_Olivet_France 2013-2014

featuring Mescalibur: analogic riddim synthesizer on track 1 & 6.
featuring Julio Lloco : moog on track 10.

For solo albums of the 2 artists, check their personnall sites:


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