[Eg0_234] Ayato : Clips and Soundboards 2

Clips and Soundboards 2 is a field recordings based album by Ayato , featuring : Linko, Patu, Myra, Nino, Lili Rose, Antoine, Solal, Ali, Julio Lloco, Natalia Zuluaga, Malik Nejmi, Benoit Hixe, Doiré (RIP), Kids, Tabu.

Sounds were recorded between 2009 and 2013 in Orléans, Saran, Olivet, Tours, St Laurent de Ceris, marais poitevin, kote de jade, Eyragues & Firenze, using minidisk & Nagra recorder + dictaphone recordings made between 2001 & 2013.
The album was mixed between 2016 and 2020. It is a sequel of  Clips and Soundboards published by Amp Recs in 2012.

Pictures : Lazy eye, Anton Mobin, Jhonny Jarry

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links :Wav / Flac /Mp3 /Artwork

Bandcamp mirror


This release is accompanied by a serie of visual works (all images in a zip)


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