[Eg0_238] Diego Faskner Silveira : Revery Daynce Ostinavangarto

Today we welcome Brazilian artist Diego Faskner Silveira (see full bio at end of the page) with an amazing sound collage work. The album Revery Daynce Ostinavangarto is a mixture of four different sound sources, which occur alternately or simultaneously. Ostinavangarto is a sound continuum made from the periodic repetition of fragments from popular or avant-garde music. Every Daynce is the name of the net art project (https://everydaynce.blogspot.com) in which for a selected day (every two or three months) I record images and sounds and collect newspapers or print. These sounds, images and prints are used to create a sound piece, a video and a series of collages. Some pieces of the project are part of this album. Revery Daynce is the re-edition and remix of older pieces from Every Daynce, and the last source, Faskner III-X, is the realization through synthesizers and in a very fast beat of a series of pieces composed for different formations between 2005-2010.


Full album download links : flac /mp3 /wav /artwork

Bandcamp mirror

Diego Faskner Silveira (03/01/75) started to study music with 12 years old (drumset) and participated in various groups playing different kinds of music, like Relogios de Frederico and Faskner and Sinuca de Bico. Five albums were realeased during this period. From 2001 to 2016 Diego studied musical composition at Rio Grande do Sul University (Brasil), from graduation to doctorship degree and from 2008-2013 Diego was the director of the Porto Alegre Contemporary Music Group. Since 2015 Diego works with sound art and video and since 2017 with web art. In 2016 his video Nuvem Bola de Estática com Máquina de Pressão BW participated of the exposition “Hotel Europa”, (Enschede) and the festivals Filmideo 2017 (Newark) and IVAHM 2017 (Madrid). In 2018 three albums were released: “Bomspeto Dezoing Sinucomorguer Bodassum” (AMP-Recs – Mexico), “Fragmomento” (CPRecords – Argentina) and “Guitalão Fasknéllico” (Al Sand – Brasil). Also in 2018 his web art project “Neorganologium” participated of the biennial of digital art nfcdab, in Gol, Amsterdam and Valencia. His video Bodas” participated in the Bad Art Video Art Festival (Moscow) and his videos “Every Daynce Julho 2018” and “Neorganologium 4” participated of an exposicion promoted by the Exchange Gallery in Bloomsburg. In 2019 Diego participated of the album of soundwalks of Sonatório (Brasil), was selected to a residency at the Vila Flores Association (Brasil) and his piece “Comorguer Reairo” participated of the festival Xtal (Argentina). In 2020 the albums of the residency at Vila Flores and the album “Cimento Tarantela” were released by Diego and by the label Antena (Brasil). Diego also play in the group Remendola de Chave and runs the sound art project Devolussom.

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