Glice : Antibodies EP [Eg0_246]

We are glad to release Antibodies, four brand new tracks by Amsterdam-based experimental noise duo Glice (Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout). This short EP contains some of the most uncompromising music they released to date. Rough, uncomfortable, noisy, gripping… slowly pushing open the lid of a coffin…
Antibodies precedes the release of a sprawling and ambitious new album. This full-length follow-up to 2017s acclaimed CIELO will be released in 2021.

Full album download links : Wav /Flac /Mp3 / Artwork
Bandcamp mirror

Glice’s homepage
Glice on bandcamp

Credits :

All tracks performed, recorded and produced by Glice (Ruben Braeken and Melle Kromhout)
Track 1, 2, 4 mixed my Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Track 3 mixed by Lasse Marhaug.
Mastered by Marlon Woltering.
Sculptures and artwork by Natasja Alers.

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