[Eg0_104] Digital Mass : Vacant Vision

Anonymous  polish droners Digital Mass are back on eg0cide with a new mysterious offering. They told us that “vacant vision” was inspired by antic shamanic rituals that used to take place in the core of the Bialowieza forest. They might be mystical freaks, they might be ironic impostors – nevermind. Just close your eyes and let the glowing sound grow and erase you from the inside.

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[Eg0_081] Digital Mass : The Murk 3

Mexican sound explorers Digital Mass have decided to add a 3rd chapter to their drone saga “the murk”. Sounds used in  “Lights in the Murk” were produced exclusively by electric guitars – played with various electric devices which helped to extract unexpected vibes out of the body of the instrument even without touching the strings.

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[Eg0_055] anonymous / vide flotté raide

An anonymous collaborator of eg0cide has used unpublished tracks of vide flotté raide (and a few additional sounds (?)) to create a new piece. The original “dirty spoken words vs guitar noise” tracks have been turned into a single 24 min electroacoustic soundscape which kept the disturbed mood of the sound source, but in a more restrained and thoughtful way.

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[Eg0_036] Digital Mass : The Murk II

Back from a short tour in USA, the anonymous canadian drone collective Digital Mass has created a sequel to a previous long-from drone The Murk, (already released by Eg0cide last year). Bleaker, colder than the 1st issue, this new track is like a slow descent into some unknown caverns. Minimalist dark ambient at its best

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[Eg0_029] Tribe of Astronauts : Musick for Aerodromes

A new message from the Tribe (click on the pictute to go to the download page)

The inscrutable and contrarian Tribe of Astronauts wishes to share this very personal collection of soothing sounds for spacefarers, the melodies of which were first transmitted over alien frequencies and intercepted via a particularly sensitive set of silver-mercury tooth fillings. There are so many facets to this international and interstellar collective of sound artists, the nature of which is presently classified TOP SECRET, but which may some day be leaked accidentally on purpose.

This is a concept album. The songs on this collection are in a non-verbal language, and each of them are thematically connected, encompassing a tale that cannot and will not be told. Many of the instruments are held mute as the musicians pantomime their parts, and thus the lushness of the sounds resulting.

Tribe of Astronauts is eternally masked, and our liberating anonymity means our numbers are potentially legion. Maybe you are a member of this tribe. Yes, I think maybe you are. You can demonstrate your kinship by anonymously adding to our growing discography, releasing work under Creative Commons to any netlabel.

[Eg0_025] Digital Mass – Wind Labyrinths

We at Eg0cide Productions have no idea where Digital Mass come from, and even less where they are going/taking us with each new recording, but we are always ready to follow them in their sound experiments. For this new album their anonymous members have recorded atmospheric improvisations on acoustic instruments that were later processed and filtered, but not edited. No synthesizer/looping/sampling was used on these 3 tracks just instinctive playing and empirical sound processing.
For the best listening experience, we suggest you to lay down in the dark with an empty mind and a calm heart, expect nothing, and get lost in these foggy labyrinths like while contemplating smoke curtains.

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Recorded summer 2010 by Digital Mass
Artwork by Eg0cide S.A.
Special thanks to Thomas for his support

[Eg0_024] Tribe of Astronauts : Displaced Soundscapes

Exactly one year after the release of Amalgamed, the Astronauts are back on eg0cide with a new album, usings sounds from KvB (album “Oncogénèse”), Luciftias (albums “Suspension of Disbelief” and “Soundscapes for headphones”), Mystified (albums “Displaced Assemblage”, “Phantoms” and “Skywtachers”), The Ghost between The Strings (raw unreleased material recorded especially for the Tribe of Astronauts) & Kecap Tuyul (raw unreleased material recorded especially for TOA)
“Displaced Soundscapes” is a strange sonic journey in 3 parts that the Tribe recomends you to play at high volume or with headphones…

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Thanks to Joe Baire for the photo and of course to all the sound contributors