[Eg0_228] Seuil Optique : Les Habitants

Seuil Optique, duo of Sig Valax and Nicolas Tourney, offers a unique experience of listening to music in the dark. Immersing the stage and the public in constant darkness, Seuil Optique creates soundscapes where electronic transmissions, acousmatic landscapes and refined drones intersect. By jostling the boundaries between listening, blind manipulation of machines and immersive experience offered to the audience, the two musicians explore new sound tracks, in permanent dialogue with hybrid musicalities and the practice of singular instruments: persephone, field recording, electro-acoustic devices, matrices and samples.
On stage, they use deliberately “open” improvisation strategies and defeat the boundaries between manipulating machines in the dark, harmonics tinged with noise-producing materials and the “eyes closed” hearing experience offered to the public.

Seuil Optique’s third album, Les Habitants, focuses on the practice of electronic improvisation. Recorded in three days and three nights, in Paris, in total darkness, Les Habitants aims to be a place of recognition of gesture as a creative act. No preparation beforehand, no benchmark, no intro or climax, only the interaction between two ways of producing spectral imprints. In this sound dialogue, electronics are the vector of total sincerity: the inhabitants target the listener, bringing them to live the experience of the moment that guides the “non-idiomatic” music of Seuil Optique, in which each sound, each transmitted waveform is dedicated to the inhabitants of the present.



Full album download links : Wav /Flac /Mp3/ Video / Artwork
Bandcamp mirror



[Eg0_226] M.A.K.T. Sono : Doozie-Doozzie

M.A.K.T. Sono ‘s new release Doozie-Doozzie consists of two improvisations recorded in November and December 2019 by Magali Albespy (analog synthesizer, soundbox, voice) & Kecap Tuyul (analog synthesizer, no-input mixer).


Direct download links : Wav/ Flac /Mp3/Artwork
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Prochain concert : Mardi 25 février 2020, Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), soirée Quasi 2020.02, entrée libre).



[Eg0_225] Nina Kardec & Various Artists : Voices of NEMA

Voices of NEMA is a compilation of remixes of 4 tracks from the album NEMA by Nina Kardec, selected by the composer. While no precise stylistic orientation was given, it was asked to each artist/band to add their own voice to their remix, and to create their own sonic interpretation of the mystical, pagan mood of the original tracks.

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org :


direct download links : Wav / Flac / Mp3 / artwork

  • A mix session of all contributions by Nina Kardec (available in mp3 format only)
  • Claire Obscure’s video for “NEMA” (Remix by Claire Obscure)

Bandcamp mirror

Playlist & links

01. Billy Yfantis & Nina Kardec – Water Fantasy RMX by Billy Yfantis
02. Saint De L’Abime & Nina Kardec – Saint De L’Abime RMX
03. Claire Obscure & Nina Kardec – Claire Obscure RMX
04. Gershwin & Fire & Nina Kardec – Gershwin & Fire RMX
05. Rune & Nina Kardec – NEMA – Atmosphere Post Tumor RMX by Rune
06. Aura en el Espejo & Nina Kardec – Aura en el Espejo RMX
07. Humanfobia & Nina Kardec – NEMA – Humanfobia RMX
08. Artificial Memory Trace & Nina Kardec – NEMA – AMT’s NEMOO_selfcentered RMX
09. Mean Flow & Nina Kardec – NEMA – Mean Flow RMX
10. Ben Presto & Nina Kardec – Pagan Parnassus – Ben Presto RMX
11. Marieheüln & Nina Kardec – Pagan Parnassus – Marieheüln RMX
12. David Fenech & Nina Kardec – Pagan Parnassus – Parnassianism RMX by David Fenech
13. Filmy Ghost & Nina Kardec – Pagan Parnassus – Filmy Ghost RMX
14. Kecap Tuyul & Nina Kardec – Sonus – Extended Fracture RMX by Kecap Tuyul
15. Fencepost & Nina Kardec – Sonus – Tonal IV RMX by Fencepost
16. Whalt Thisney & Nina Kardec – Sonnus – Thisconstructed by Whalt Thisney
17. Podarces & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Podarces RMX
18. Bridie Murray & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Bridie Murray RMX
19. Deltanik & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Deltanik RMX
20. Doedelzak & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Danse Nuptiale RMX by Doedelzak
21. Philippe Desclais & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Philippe Desclais-Os nu RMX
22. Tzii & Nina Kardec – The Nuptial Dance – Tzii RMX

The reelase also include a 86 minutes mix of all contributions by Nina Kardec :
Nema _ Billy Yfanstis
Sonus _ Kecap Tuyul 2:25
Nema _ Gershwin & Fire 8:07
Sonus _ Whalt Thisney 12:54
Nuptial Dance _ Deltanik 15:24
Pagan Parnassus _ Marieheüln 17:52
Nema _ Rune 20:12
Nuptial Dance _ Tzii 24:25
Nema _ Humanfobia 28:40
Pagan Parnassus _ David Fenech 33:05
Sonus _ Fencepost 36:05
Nuptial Dance _ Podarces 40:50
Nema _ Saint De L’Abime 48:52
Nema _ Artificial Memory Trace 51:10
Nema _ Mean Flow (Rework) 57:58
Pagan Parnassus _ Filmy Ghost 61:25
Nuptial Dance _ Doedelzak 64:01
Nema _ Aura En El Espejo 70:33
Pagan Parnassus _ Ben Presto 73:54
Nuptial Dance _ Bridie Murray 76:01
Nema _ Claire Obscure 78:16
Nuptial Dance _ Philippe Desclais 82:40

More info about Nina Kardec

Nina Kardec has been producing electronic music since 2005. You can listen to her works like you would watch a Kenneth Anger or Stanley’s Kubrick’s movie with their shades of darkness and lights.

Nina Kardec on Soundcloud
Nina Kardec on bandcamp
Nina Kardec on mixcloud




[Eg0_224] Pikadon (Yoshiwaku & various artists)

What is “PIKADON” :
A collective experiment of mutation ?
Or only a remix album of the3 Best Of de Yoshiwaku, the essential of his music since 2011 :

– Both, at the same time, it depends of You : if You just listen…
Or if you choise to spend a little of your time to discover what is hidden behind the music… horsnorme.org/PIKADON/index.html

Why Pikadon pop up at the dawn of 2020 ?
– A distress rocket can also be used to draw attention to a solution particularly suited to the current situation…

Who is Yoshiwaku Mushotoku :
A vaguely humanoid sound generator or a kind of synthetic shaman ?
– It’s a solo project focus on electronic improvisation. It’s also the last mutation of “OresteS“, which was known as “TKno BeurK” in the beginning in 1998.

He’s also a member of the anarcho-post-situationist band “La 6ème République” and of the noise supergroupe “K/W/A/Y” and of the plunderphonic collective without head “Vivid Tribe Of Psychics
More d’information here http://horsnorme.org/Yoshiwaku/shamanoise.html

PIKADON is a coproduction between the netlabels :
Cian Orbe Netlabel humanfobia.jimdo.com/cian-orbe-netlabel/
Earsheltering earsheltering.free.fr
Eg0cide Productions eg0cide.com
Murmure Intemporel archive.org/details/gronde-murmure?sort=-publicdate
The Necrophile Humingbird www.horsnorme.org



Direct download links : Wav/ Flac /Mp3/Ogg

List and links of the projects involve in Pikadon.

InDusTreeAlLace Productions 5kyeeidtal.bandcamp.com
Filmy Ghost humanfobia.jimdofree.com/filmy-ghost/
Kecap Tuyul kecaptuyul.com
RUNE camembertelectrique.bandcamp.com
FULCRUM www.facebook.com/barry.braxton.9/
Planetaldol planetaldol.free.fr
MARUDA maruda.bandcamp.com
Rohypnoise rohypnoise.online.fr
Jordi Heras Fauque www.facebook.com/zarqui
Mescalibur mescalibur.fr
K H Λ O M Λ И khaoman666.bandcamp.com
Ben Presto soundcloud.com/oinko
TZII tzii.bandcamp.com
010111 soundcloud.com/010001101
Studio112 studio112.bandcamp.com
Temple ov Saturn soundcloud.com/templeovsaturn
M.Nomized mnomized.bandcamp.com
Damaryliss soundcloud.com/tarantula-nebula
Gabriel Pereira Spurr gabrielpereiraspurr.bandcamp.com
Humanfobia humanfobia-official.bandcamp.com
Kalam kalam.bandcamp.com
{AN} EeL soundcloud.com/nealretke
Bleak Star phillipmorgan.bandcamp.com
Suzana’s Bauten soundcloud.com/user-774720120
Whalt Thisney walthisney.bandcamp.com
noxpox soundcloud.com/noxpox3
Gino Favotti soundcloud.com/user-153354444
Bunker Palace mhrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bunker-palace-feat-guests-code-1977
Rauppwar rauppwar.bandcamp.com
Neal Beard and his Machines soundcloud.com/neal-beard
Jeff Sampson jeffsampson.bandcamp.com
Hugo Paquete paquete.bandcamp.com
Petrolio soundcloud.com/petrolio-246047815
pepe wismeer soundcloud.com/pepe_wismeer
tuonela soundcloud.com/tuonela-1
Non-Bio non-bio.bandcamp.com
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt soundcloud.com/more-black-then-god
METEK soundcloud.com/fredriknilssonmetek
Dream Drunk dreamdrunk.bandcamp.com
PIRATE Tapes www.horsnorme.org/PIRATE_Tapes/
Nicolas Tourney nicolastourney.bandcamp.com
Thomas Park archive.org/details/ThomasParkBenchmarkHub
Mike Stand Productions soundcloud.com/mike-stand-productions
EISENLAGER eisenlager.bandcamp.com
Berthelot berthelot.bandcamp.com
Nina Kardec ninakardecofficial.bandcamp.com
Launay G launay-g.bandcamp.com
Yaka-anima humanfobia.jimdo.com/yaka-anima/

Pikadon is share under creative commons licence

Pikadon trailer v2 1/3 www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrHJDY5l8hg
Pikadon teaser 2/3 www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zxuv7m9HBI
Pikadon cinemix 3/3 www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLbqmnhyAuY

The playlist is mostly the same than the best of playlists.

Light Dedication :
Pikadon is dedicated to those who participated in Necktar 2017 and have died since : A few of your dreams is shining in our eyes. A bit of your spirits are vibrating in this music.

Burst Dedication :
Pikadon is dedicated to all the peoples who are trying to free themselves from the madness of their leaders. Who are trying to get rid of capitalism to save the planet, humanity and all living creatures.

Thanks :
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each participant for the meeting of our sound universes.
Thanks to the netlabels without whom this project would have been a little too much ambitious for my frail shoulders.
Thanks to Sono Sion for the discovery of Pikadon in his film “Rabu & Pîsu”.



[Eg0_223] TTWOSS : BioBinary / Exp

Our favorite abstract cyberpunk duo Thanato Twist With Oleg’s Sound System is finally back on eg0cide, 6 years after the epic  Now… apocalypse. Their cinematic inspiration has been taken to a new level. They already worked with visual, since their album The Raven included a video (created by Ed End), but their new opus BioBinary/Exp features a movie made by one of their members, Thanatomitsu V.02. We are proud to close the decade with this ambitious release whose achievement has taken almost 10 years (the oldest  sounds featured in this piece used here have been recorded in 2010 or 2011, while the video has been completed in december 2019).

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org


Full album download links : wav / flac / mp3 / video (mp4) / artwork

Bandcamp mirror

Recorded/mixed 2010(?)-2019 by Thanatogushi ID (aka Ayato) & Thanatomitsu V.02. (aka Kortane Cortex)
Mixed by Thanatomistu V.02
Vidéo by Thanatomitsu V.02

[Eg0_222] Half Evidence : Tierce Opacité

Half Evidence isa french free improvisation duo formed in 2012 by Charles premier & Kecap Tuyul. The 3 tracks included in their new album Tierce Opacité were recorded in november 2014 in Saint-Denis, France. In these sessions, Charles premier played several of his home-made instruments, while Kecap Tuyul used prepared guitar and voice.

Click on the picture to visit the download page


Full album download links :flac /mp3 /wav /artwork

Bandcamp mirror


Bonus : Florence Artur created a video using the first piece of the album

[Eg0_221] Mesce Basse : Marée Haute

Mesce Basse gathers five female musicians interested by real time composition and transformation of sound textures. They like to play with styles and twist formats by mixing free improvisation, electro, spoken word, noise, ambient, and songs. Their soundscape is provided by a diverse setting of electronic, accoustic and DIY instruments.

We are very happy to release their first album Marée Haute, consisting of free contrasted and subtle tracks, presenting the band’s personal blend of delicate atmospheres, bursts of energy and surprising shifts.


Direct download links : Wav/ Flac /Mp3/Artwork
Bandcamp mirror


Improvised music by
Camille Dianoux / Sampler, Effects
Emma / Voice, Texts, Objects
Emilie Zawadzki / Synthetizer, Machines
Magali Albespy / Voice, Analog Synthetizer
Sig Valax / Perséphone, Sequencer, synthesizers

Recorded in Franceville-Merville between 29 July and 2 August 2019
Visual : Sig Valax & Emilie Zawadzki
Mix : Camille Dianoux

Mesce Basse’s homepage
Mesce Basse on Soundcloud


[Eg0_220] uni.Sol_ : Blurmoon

Uni.Sol_ (United Artists For Well Being Of Solar System) is an “all inclusive project exploring the potential of extrasensory communication”. It was started in 2018 by Slavek Kwi (aka Artificial Memory Trace), with the purpose to “explore and implement the idea of freedom, to enhance research for extrasensory communication through art practise (and related media) and to create stimulating sensual, spiritual and aesthetic experience.”
Participants of Uni.Sol events are invited to “engage simultaneously (=in the same moment) across various time-zones in different locations (=around globe) in ABSTRACT inter-play via sound-media and similar”. But sometimes, despite of their good will, some contributors mess with the time zones. Rather than rejecting the resulting recordings and mixes, Slavek Kwi prefer to consider them as “creative misunderstandings”, which he regularily publishes in a special “Time Travel Section” of uni.Sol_. Blurmoon fall in this category : it comprises mixes of out of sync recordings by the three contributors of uni.Sol meeting of the 13 October 2019


Direct download links : Wav / Flac  / Mp3/ Artwork
Bandcamp mirror

1. Stephen Bradley : Fra Mauro
2. Slavek Kwi : Timeslides & Shortcuts pt1
3. Slavek Kwi : Timeslides & Shortcuts pt2
4. Kecap Tuyul : Splitted Moon Cake
Pictures by Slavek Kwi

Slavek Kwi’s insight on his work here : “TIMESLIDES & SHORTCUTS (BLURMOON) pt1+2 is extra-subjective (re)mix of uni.Sol_fuLLmOOn, almost random encounter in between Stephen Bradley (USA), Kecap Tuyul (France) and Slavek Kwi (Ireland), recorded Monday 13/10/2019 from 11 PM to 1 AM night in time-zone of Ireland exploring extrasensory long-distance connection (telepathy).
Within memories, time merges in mysterious ways. The observer travels through time while selecting memories through distorted lenses of interpretation and personal preferences. Time then shifts accordingly, creating parallel realities. Untrue to one timeline, true to its nature – allowing to unfold another possible chain of events. Time as constant value collapses.
This sound composition is following coincidental stream of events unfolding in between 3 (or more) interpretations, trying to respect each individual vision as much is possible and put those in panoramic display within mix. Expansive nature of subjectivity creates the paradox of absurd but complementary contradictions: blurring of initial idea on one side and simultaneously multiplying the potential of the same idea on opposite side.”

More information about artists :

Stephen Bradley’s homepage
Slavek Kwi on bandcamp
Kecap Tuyul’s homepage