[Eg0_CD11] Abismo – Insomnia (CD-R)

Insomnia is a deeply melancolic dark ambient album by the one-man brazilian project Abismo. These 4 tracks will take you into the slow, hypnotic, sickness of sleepless nights.
The sound is a bit different than on Abismo’s earlier albums : quieter, more droney, sometimes almost peaceful, but always bleak and mysterious, like a ghostly walk across the shore of nothingness. A perfect soundtrack for dark meditations…


A Place for the suicide…In points of my self-destruction by Eg0cide

Music and logo by Outro
Artwork by Eg0cide S.A., with special thanks to Cédric for his help.

Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies
Comes in a special paper carboard cover

Price 5 euros : excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com

Some actual photos of the album: