[Eg0_135] Achondar : Vicious Servant

Vicious Servant is the second album of dark ambient band Achondar, who take a part of their inspirations from video games. As they say themselves “”Vicious Servant” serves as an “alternate soundtrack” and is a tribute album to a classic 1998 French cinematic platformer, Heart of Darkness. Eight pieces that comprise the record are meant to complement the game’s levels and they underline their menacing, dangerous and evil nature. The album is dedicated to the memory of Christian Robert, the art director of Heart of Darkness responsible for the game’s memorable and beautiful visual design, who sadly passed away in 2010.”

But obviously the album can also be enjoyed by people who aren’t into games. The 8 tracks of Vicious Servant take us into different mysterious places : foggy, chtonian, ethereal, with enough contrasts between them to sustain your attention without losing their atmospheric coherence.

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