[Eg0_074] Ed End & TTWOSS : The Raven

The Raven is a multimedia collaboration of Ed End (video, featuring Damaris Baker as Lenore) and Thanato Twist With Oleg’s Sound System (music) using Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem read by Basil Rathbone. This amazing work is as weird as catchy, as hypnotic as unpredictable.

The Raven 2011 from ed end on Vimeo.

You can also download the video in higher quality format, and the sound in various formats (wav, flac, mp3, ogg) on archive.org. Click on the picture to visit the download page

Voice : Basil Rathbone
Video : Ed End (featuring Damaris Baker as Lenore)
Music: Thanato twist with Oleg’s sound system
Recorded in 2011 @ la ferme là by Ayato
Mixed @ Tartifume by Kortane Cortex
Front & back cover : Darby Mullins
Inserts : Mamzelle P