[Eg0_CD10] Mister Vapor & TGBTS – Esoteric Vapor

Esoteric Vapor is a new collaborative work of Thomas Park (signing here as Mister Vapor) with The Ghost Between The Strings. This time Thomas programmed tribal rhythm structures and atmospheric synth sequences, on which TGBTS later added guitars (sometimes prepared, sometimes with ebow). The result is a catchy blend of ethno-ambient, mysterious drones, post-rockish guitar riffs and experimental string abuses, sometimes warm and serene (Knowing The Spaces, Basalt Pillar), sometimes dark and gritty (Searching For Dark Cycles, Universal Wisdom), always hypnotic. Mister Vapor feat. TGBTS : A Basis For Everything by Eg0cide

6 tracks recorded summer 2009, mastered by Mister Vapor early 2010

Edition of 50 hand-numbered copies, in paper cover under plastic sheet
Price : 5 euros excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com   (tgbts0 with a zero, not tgbtso)

[Eg0_CD05] Mister Vapor – Songs Of The Deep Woods

Mister Vapor manage to surprise & captivate us once more with this new album.  Songs Of The Deep Woods contains two long experimental droney tracks, and a shorter, more melodic and rythmical interlude. As the title suggests, these recordings are mysterious & spooky like a walk in a forest as the day is falling…

Limited edition of 30 hand-numbered copies packaged in special paper cover

1. Beside The Midnight Lake (20:54)
2. A Pond Amidst Pines (8:54)
3. Peaceless Under The Dark Trees (22:21)

With thanks from Mister Vapor to Bruce Hollett for the recording of cicadas used on this album, and from Eg0cide Productions to Cédric again for the advice about the artwork

If you want to order a copy please write to tgbts0(at)gmail.com
France: 6 EUR postpaid
Europe: 6,30 EUR postpaid
Rest of the world: 7 EUR Postpaid

[Eg0_014] Mister Vapor – Trackless Depths

Trackless Depths is another fine work by Thomas Park, signing this time as Mister Vapor. This gorgeous drone piece made with sounds of unknown (to us) origins is blurry and ethereal in the same time, quiet and minimal but everchanging. Ideal listening while daydreaming, meditating or sleeping.

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For more information about Mister Vapor (and Mystified, Thomas’ other project) visit  http://www.mystifiedmusic.com