[Eg0_065] Norss : Alleen

Norss was a dark ambient / drone / noise project active in 2008-2009, who released limited CD-R on various labels, most of them being now out of print. Eg0cide always thought that many of them deserve a second “digital” life.  We agreed with Norss that the album “Alleen” was one of his best works – so we are glad to re-release these utterly dark minimal drones.

re-release notes by Norss :  “Alleen was originally released on CDR in a run of 20 copies. All tracks were recorded in 2008 and represent a powerful moment in the life of Norss.”

Click on the picture to visit the download page on archive.org

Norss later became Ulv (2010-2011) and released the Hypnoottinen  CDR on eg0cide (a few copies are still available from us)

You can hear other old works from Norss & Ulv (as well as new projects) on his recently created netlabel Hypnagogik