[Eg0_037] Omutt : Sidan Av Ensamhet

Eg0cide Productions has recently been contacted by drone artist Omutt who submitted an album that he had previously self-released. We immediately found that this music really deserved more exposure, so we are glad to include Sidan Av Ensamhetand in our collection. We also hope to hear more from this projet soon…

A short presentation by the artist himself : “Omutt was founded in 2007, was published several times under different names (Altar Of Sorrow, Dime [Drone]) on Russian labels and net-labels. “Sidan Av Ensamhetand” was recorded in the period from January to April 2011. On this album I tried to do a variety of tracks of ambient/experimental/noise. This work is devoted to one girl who did the cover for this release and track titles offered in Swedish. I tried to express some mood of late winter, different moods. I used field-recordings, a bit of radionoise, bells, and more.”

To visit the download page on archive.org, click on the cover