[Eg0_231] Hapax

Today we are proud to release the 1st album of Hapax, a free improvisation group from Montreuil, France. One of its particularities is to include a video artist who improvises with the musicians. This visual element is also documented in the release by 3 videos.

“Hapax was founded in 2017 and is dedicated to making visual and musical improvisations. We follow no instructions, no score, no director. Our only rule is to listen to and respect each other. We use our instruments, our voice, and also everyday objects. Accidents and mistakes are welcome. Images and sounds are sometimes in harmony, sometimes not. Anything can happen…”

Hapax are
Florence Artur : visuals
Olivier Bertaux : electric guitar
Bruno Kerhoas : theremin
Colette Othenin-Girard : soprano sax
Marcio Gibson : drums (track 1)
Ida Heidel : flute (track 2)
Simonetta Parisi : santour (track 5)

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[Eg0_217] Simonetta Parisi : In Fine

Simonetta Parisi is an Italian artist (musician and dancer) currently living in Paris since 1992. She published a solo album for piano (her main instrument) in 2007 and has composed a related piece for voice, piano and text, but her regular activity as an improviser has rarely been documented. Today we offer you to discover one of her vivid and subtle solo improvisations, recorded live “Au Chat Noir” (Paris) in November 2018 by JJGFREE.


Full album download links :Flac/Mp3Artwork
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More information about Simonetta Parisi

After having studied classical music in the Vincenzo Bellini Coservatoy (Palerma, Italy) she focused on contemporary music, improvisation and real time composition. She played with Christophe Delerce, Judith Kan, Véronique Ernoult, Ida Helene Heidel , Dominique Wisniewski , Ren Yashio, Gianni Gebbia, Dario Lo Cicero, Jerome Fouquet, AI Watanabe, Pascal Giordano, Steve Johns, Roberto Robao, Eldo Lauriano, Jean Bordé, Claude Parle, Jean Marc Foussat, Fred Marty, Rafaele Arditti, Jac Pochat, Pascale Tardif, Kecap Tuyul.
As a dancer, she performed for various companies & choregraphers : Myoko Shida, Flagrant Désir (Bruno Couderc), l’Echafaudage (Thierry Guedj), Artesonado (Soraya Djebbar) , cie Instantaneo. She wrote two solo dance pieces “Voci ” et “Frammenti”. She also has developped an artistic research on the relations between dance and music with thr Tracce company founded in 2000 with Christophe Delerce.
She also organizes various events mixing improvised music, lectures, dance in Paris.
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