[Eg0_143] Sobria Ebrietas : Ashes of Light

These three last years, our regular contributor Bertrand Barbier aka Sobria Ebrietas has focused on rather abstract and/or disturbing releases ( The Soundtrack, Üphemism, Ügenics ) under the Eurovision Über Alles pseudonym.

Ashes of Light brings back the smoother and more harmonious side of his earlier project Sobria Ebrietas. At the first encounter, this album is quite an easy listen thanks to catchy melodies, uplifting beats and well chosen samples, but the subtility of compositions and the richness of their details require many listenings to be fully appreciated.

If you want to hear more from Sobrieta Ebrietas, we recommend his compilation Media Res, and his masterpiece Esion.

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Ashes of Light

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[Eg0_078] Sobria Ebrietas : Media Res (1997-2012)

Sobria Ebrietas is the main sound project of Bertrand Barbier since 1997. It gathers a rather varied range of musical elements : minimalist and/or eastern flavored (to our ears) melodic compositions, experimental dark ambient, noise bursts, , groovy electro-industrial rhythms…  Nevertheless after listening to media res, a compilation covering 15 years  in 2H30, you might notice the paradoxical cohesiveness of Bertrand’s rich soundwork, who carefully selected 25 of his favorite tracks for eg0cide.

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[Eg0_066] Eurovision über Alles : The Soundtrack

The use of samples from movies is quite common in industrial / dark ambient – it even become a cliché. Eurovision über Alles (a side project of french one-man project Sobria Ebrietas ) also use samples , many samples, in this soundtrack without a movie – but in a very different way, radical, orginal. A kind of IDN (Intelligent Dramatic Noise) for sick minds?

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