[Eg0_027] Crepusculo – Man dies, only genetics never die

After a first net release on Silent Season, Crepuscolo (a one-person project based in Mongolia) offered his second opus to Eg0cide productions. There is no disappointment with this new album of deep organic ambient blended with cold, surgical, electronics.
“Man dies, only genetics never die” consists of 3 tracks based on enigmatic shifting drones, whose hypnotic qualities are sometimes enhanced by a discreet, muffled – almost subliminal- beat. The overall sound is highly abstract and experimental, without any predictable structure, but with a great sense of dramatic tension. The only minus we could found in this album is its short lenghth : we are waiting for more!

Click on the picture to visit the donwload page:


3 responses to “[Eg0_027] Crepusculo – Man dies, only genetics never die

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