[Eg0_126] Crepusculo : I’m a comet – You are the world

Crepusclo‘s third release on eg0cide shows a significant evolution in the artist’s works. On this new EP I’m a comet – You are the world, he added some flesh and feelings to his usual cold and abstract style to create two catchy ambient dub tracks with more marked beats and upfront melody.  But as usual with Crepusculo, this EP is completely hypnotic, carefully composed and mixed.

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[Eg0_027] Crepusculo – Man dies, only genetics never die

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[Eg0_033] Crepusculo : Invisible maze in the black hole

The mysterious mongolian act Crepusculo is back on eg0cide with a new album of minimalist dark ambient. Its thick basses, cold drones and clinical pulsations will hypnotize you repeatedly until you wonder whether you are discovering unknown life forms on a supposed desert planet, trapped into the microscopic world of viruses and bacteria, or simply the subject of some weird psychoacoustic experiments with sounds being injected directly into your nervous system.

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[Eg0_027] Crepusculo – Man dies, only genetics never die

After a first net release on Silent Season, Crepuscolo (a one-person project based in Mongolia) offered his second opus to Eg0cide productions. There is no disappointment with this new album of deep organic ambient blended with cold, surgical, electronics.
“Man dies, only genetics never die” consists of 3 tracks based on enigmatic shifting drones, whose hypnotic qualities are sometimes enhanced by a discreet, muffled – almost subliminal- beat. The overall sound is highly abstract and experimental, without any predictable structure, but with a great sense of dramatic tension. The only minus we could found in this album is its short lenghth : we are waiting for more!

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