[Eg0_CD14] Hunting Rituals : Wider Realm

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We are very glad to welcome the amazing Hunting Rituals on Eg0cide. “Wider Realm” was issued on tape by Cloud Valley 2 years ago and is out of print since a long time. It is now available on CD-R, remastered by the artist and with a new artwork by Eg0cide S.A. (with special thanks to Cédric for the special paper!)

Hunting Rituals is known for his crooked noisy ritual soundscapes with reeds, strings and obscure lo-fi sound manipulations. This album show the quieter side of his work, more ritual, almost meditative. Recommended to fans of early Voice of Eye or Zoviet France, and of course to Hunting Rituals fans (like us) who missed the cassette edition.

40 copies

Price : 5 euros excluding postage
To order a copy please write to tgbts0 (at) gmail.com

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