[Eg0_045] CDRX and Kecap Tuyul “fire around the fountain”

You have to be patient when you work with Kecap Tuyul, that’s what CDRX learnt with this new collaborative work. A long watery/nocturnal soundscape was sent to KT back in 2009, and it took him 2 years to complete it with guitar & bass overdubs. A new mail collaboration project has started in spring 2011 between the 2 sound manipulators…

Click on the picture (artwork by CDRX) to go to the download page

Starting with this release Eg0cide Productions have now a logo, that was carefully designed by AestheseA.  They have to be thanked also for their patience and hard work!Aesthesea is a is a multi-media design project founded in 2009. They focus on:graphic-design, photography, fractal art, sound design,  web-design (html, javascript, flash, css, ajax, php). They also run a fine net label.

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