[Eg0_130] CDRX : The purgatory’s public swimming pool

Let’s starts the new year with one of our fidel contributors: CDRX. His new album The purgatory’s public swimming pool is a captivating subterranean soundscape. This time some noisy / industrial-flavoured touches have been included, and the final result is rather dark and gritty, but with a very cohesive atmosphere despite of its heterogenous components.

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eg0_130a_the Purgatory-s public Swimming pool

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[Eg0_092] CDRX : Greetings from Heidiland

Greetings from Heidiland is CDRX’s soundscape hommage to his homeland. He mixed some field recordings and sounds that are supposed to be typically Swiss – but the result is far from stereotypes. Just take the trip…

The album was previously published as very limited double CD-R edition by Bad For Health Records, CDRX’s own label. Eg0cide’s free download issue  contains only the first disc.

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[Eg0_080] The perfect failure (?) vol. 2 : schizo raid onction

Schizo raid onction is the 2nd volume (and hopefully worse than the 1st) of the perfect failure / l’échec parfait collaborative project – which is still open :  you are invited to send your worst creations to eg0cide who will mix them.

Many thanks to all contributors : CDRX, Charles Pennequin, Charles premier, DJP, DMC, Doc Demagol, Ghosts don’t exist, Id Vicious / J.G. Power-Ballard / Porno Adorno, Kecap Tuyul, Mescalibur, Trap&zoid, Vide flotté raide

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NB : une version remaniée du texte de Charles Pennequin que vous pouvez entendre (lu par ???) entre 2min30 et 8min37 est disponible dans son livre  Pamphlet contre la mort 

[Eg0_061] CDRX : La fabrique des ombres

CDRX‘ new release is a double album of nocturnal soundscapes full of intringuing, whispering shadows.  The first track is quite densely layered, while the 2nd one is a bit more minimalist – both are mixed in a very subtle way, with a great sense of detail. This is CDRX at his very best, if you don’t know his previous works, this one could be a good introduction.

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[Eg0_045] CDRX and Kecap Tuyul “fire around the fountain”

You have to be patient when you work with Kecap Tuyul, that’s what CDRX learnt with this new collaborative work. A long watery/nocturnal soundscape was sent to KT back in 2009, and it took him 2 years to complete it with guitar & bass overdubs. A new mail collaboration project has started in spring 2011 between the 2 sound manipulators…

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Starting with this release Eg0cide Productions have now a logo, that was carefully designed by AestheseA.  They have to be thanked also for their patience and hard work!Aesthesea is a is a multi-media design project founded in 2009. They focus on:graphic-design, photography, fractal art, sound design,  web-design (html, javascript, flash, css, ajax, php). They also run a fine net label.

[Eg0_016] CDRX – The Dreamscape’s Machinery

Eg0cide Productions are glad to welcome CDRX again, this time with a solo piece : The Dreamscape’s Machinery is another subtle and mysterious soundscape, with a well chosen title and fitting artwork (also created by CDRX himself).
This music is very hard to describe, I discover something new in it at each listening. Not sure it should be tagged as “ambient” (if you care for tags), but I find it very relaxing to play when half sleeping. It reminds me of summer naps when you fall asleep and wake up over and over , and don’t know if what you hear come from a dream, from a buzzing machine in your room, from chaotic uncouscious memories, from insects or noises outside, or a mix of it all…
CDRX has wonderfully caught the machinery of these ambigous states when dreams and reality melt into each other. Now just lay down, close your eyes and try for yourself…

eg0_016 med

[Eg0_011] CDRX and TGBTS – The Constancy Of Change

The Constancy Of Change is avalaible for free download. This time it is a collaboration with CDRX, a swiss sound-artist that I’m really glad to welcome in the Eg0cide team.
CDRX has created 2 experimental pieces based on The Ghost Between The Strings’ 2 contributions to the “Constant” serie : Constant 15 and Constant 24, which are both available on Treetrunk

With friendly greetings and special thanks to Mystified, creator of the “constant” concept